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The Exergame in Arlington Heights promises to be the center where patrons can find the latest and best exergaming equipment. We are in the continuous process of curating the best of exergame fitness equipment that will support every kind of fitness goal that you may have. Exergaming gear includes the gamified version of popular fitness equipment making them fun and the targets achievable. Rather than run 5 miles on a treadmill with the best view being whatever’s outside the window, or the rest of the gym, one can hook up the treadmill to a computer and run those 5 miles on a track lying in the most beautiful sceneries. Cardio exergames such as IWall, RunBEAT, and Reax Run Club simulate hiking trails, and cross-country running challenges.

Even the most serious among us would enjoy spending time playing video games and losing ourselves in a quest or sport as we unwind. Exergaming machines make video games more active, as instead of a gaming console, one will be using their exercise equipment to move physically to play the game. So, you can use Reax Station Compact, SMARTfit ProTrainer, HOLOFIT VR Rowing, RunBEAT, or Gaming Bikes to play games, singly, or in a group. The games can be soccer, tennis, rowing, track race, or an adventure quest. You can create cool avatars and give yourself virtual names and get your game face on. In most of these games, you can work out at your own pace if you are not in the competition mode. So, whether your fitness level matches that of your peers or not you all can enjoy a session of intense exergaming together. The individual participant’s progress will be tracked and recorded for observing their progress and comparing their performance. Among children and teenagers, exergaming equipment has been shown to have a positive impact in creating an inclination towards a physically active lifestyle. Further, it also engages them with their peers and improves their competitive edge, sportsmanship, and social skills. In their free time, youngsters can be productively engaged playing games in a group at the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, or school. Sports centers are using exergaming equipment to finetune their training programs, track athlete performance, and help injured athletes with recovery. Exergame equipment can be used to inculcate discipline through regular physical activities. with new athletes, they may lack the dedication and discipline required to excel in their sport. Exergame equipment such as the Reax Box, SMARTfit MultiStation, Nexersys, Reax Lights, and Makoto will engage new athletes with a variety of challenges. All players can compete with one another or play solo to build their endurance and work as a team.

To help young children work through their restless energy and keep them active, you can choose the dance and step exercise mats, or the Beam Floor Game. These games can be played by individuals of all age groups. There are enough games, challenges, and intensity levels to keep everyone engrossed for hours at a stretch. They cover a wide range of movements and work on different muscle groups. Also, they play a relevant role in building the mental strength and agility of players.

Exergaming equipment is mostly computer-based games and has WiFi compatibility. Hence, all the player records are uploaded on the cloud and can be viewed on individual fitness trackers. Regular updates are pushed to the equipment in which new games, music, moves, and levels are added. Through these updates, any bugs or errors are also fixed, keeping the machine current.

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