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Exergame brings interactive fitness solutions to Arlington, Virginia, with the leading brands in the industry. Interactive fitness technology has evolved over the years as new development happens in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Thing, and cloud computing. Over the years, our catalog has become exhaustive as the brands we associate with are innovating and creating new designs and engaging equipment.

We have a Pan-American presence where we work closely with commercial fitness centers, YMCAs, schools, health centers, and other clubs and community centers. We extend our role to not only selling interactive fitness and exergaming equipment but offering consultation on the best ways to adopt interactive fitness solutions, identifying space for installation, and installing the equipment. Interactive fitness solutions can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the type of fitness solutions you seek. For instance, the Railyard Obstacle Course can be established on open ground, and customized workout routines can be designed around it. The iDance two dance and step System is another popular piece of equipment that we sell that can be used for large groups of participants in all age groups and can be set up indoors or outdoors.

We have a broad range of equipment for various exercise forms for indoor exercise solutions. For aerobics and intense cardio exercises, you can explore the trending content of interactive fitness bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, and elliptical machines. Reaxe, a leading manufacturer of interactive fitness equipment, offers a wide variety of products for HIIT exercises, martial art forms, and weight training, such as Reaxe Lights, Reaxe Box, ReaxeFluiball, and kettlebell, to name a few.

Some interactive fitness equipment, such as the trampoline, interactive climbing walls, resistance bands, and Laddermill, are mechanical. They are apt for strength training and core muscle building. For schools and youth fitness centers, we have multimedia-based interactive wall and floor games that can turn an entire hall into a playground. This equipment includes TWall range of systems, Motion Magix Floor, Lu Interactive Playground, and Pavigym’s range of products. This equipment uses 2D lights, advanced sound systems, projectors, and other fitness accessories to give players an immersive gaming experience. They are used to create an interactive playground where children and teenagers can enjoy simulation games where they can kick or throw light beams and have fun playing various exciting games. These can be space odyssey games, baseball, or a dance-off.

Exergame’s range of products pushes the boundaries to get interested in physical fitness and embrace it as a part of their everyday lives. Some fitness equipment is very compact and can be fitted in a small space or replaced in any other part of the facility. For instance, the Reax Compact station comes loaded with fitness apps for various forms of fitness routines. It has many games and other activities too.

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