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How to get fit with Exergame Fitness in Ashburn?

Exergaming Fitness has a wide range of interactive fitness and exergaming equipment for fitness enthusiasts and those looking for fun activities in Ashburn, Virginia. If you are wondering what the buzz is about using tablets and projects for exercising, then be prepared to be thrilled by this new wave of adding a technological edge to your workouts. Interactive fitness equipment gives an immersive workout experience that will show incredible results for your workout efforts. The engaging workout routines, including games, fitness videos, and excellent high-definition audio expertise, will keep you consistent and excited about the workout hour!

We have worked with communities across the USA, and our clientele includes commercial gyms, fitness centers, health centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, schools, and YMCAs, to name a few. We only work with the leading brands of the fitness industry who have mastered the art of applying science and technology to create intelligent solutions that are ergonomic and engaging. Children, teenagers, and adults show equal amounts of enthusiasm when exercising on one of our equipment. Our clients have testified to increased participation and regularity even among the most disinterested participants.

With exergame, as the name suggests, the exercise routines are gamified. So, as the participant goes on a live-action role play game quest or goes on virtual river rafting, they must physically run, jump, crawl, or row to progress in their game. These workouts are immersive; hence, even participants who are inflexible or underconfident of their physical capabilities push themselves to attempt the move. Thus, they gradually develop flexibility and confidence in their movement.

Interactive fitness equipment has been highly effective in improving participants’ vital signs through enhanced stamina, strength, flexibility, willingness to respond, and hand-eye coordination. Among all age groups, regular participation in exergaming and workouts has promoted the lifelong adoption of an active lifestyle. Especially with children and teenagers who are highly energetic and restless, interactive fitness equipment has shown positive results and market improvement by challenging them to improve their performance progressively.

If you are looking for new fitness equipment or solutions for your group fitness classes, visit our store and look at some of our equipment. In our catalog, you will find multi stations on which more than one participant can work out. We have equipment that caters to multiple workout routines so that you can train a participant in more than one type of exercise with a single unit. Thus, you can add to the variety of workouts offered by your fitness center.

When smartphones and gaming apps are engrossing people’s idle time with interactive fitness equipment, you can use these solutions to build a solid client base by giving them an exciting way to engage themselves.

Visit our website and browse our catalog to see the different products that we offer. You can check our gallery and blog to see the various ways in which our clients are using our services. Contact us to know more.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide