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We are bringing exergaming to Champaign with our exciting new machinery loaded with functionalities and activities to workout different muscle groups and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Exergames have rich audiovisual impulses to motivate individuals to pursue an active lifestyle.  You can install it in a commercial space like the gymnasium, or at community centers, schools, and clubs for youngsters.

While we have a range of attractive fitness equipment for adults, we also have a sizeable collection that is dedicated to children and teenagers. These equipment varieties are designed to engage kids individually and in groups to move as they play fun dance, play fun games, and cover obstacle courses. Such equipment is in great demand among schools, youth fitness centers, YMCA, and Boys & Girls clubs. They are engaging, youngsters can be engrossed in the games independently without much supervision, and the games are easy to learn and challenging.

Such equipment has proven to provide a good ground for communication and finding common interests among youngsters. They can play together or play against one another in competitions. Children can be divided into teams or have individual matches. There are 100s of games and modes to explore and the level of intensity can be adjusted as per the age group of the children participating. The equipment covers a range of movements such as running, jumping, bending, and stretching through dancing, running obstacle courses, playing simulated games, and much more. teenagers who are at a critical juncture of their life and cannot spend too much time outdoors can spend an hour exergaming. It will give them full-body workouts, refresh their minds, and give them physical and mental strength and agility to cope with the stresses of their routine. It will also keep them at bay from picking bad habits and build an inclination towards an active and productive lifestyle.

For adults, exergaming will keep them in touch with their inner child. With gamified versions of traditional HIIT and CrossFit workouts, the repetitive actions become easy to complete. The workout machines can be installed at home or accessed in gyms and community centers. If you are doing indoor cardiovascular workouts, you can add simulations by selecting the track where you are running, biking, or walking. It can be a park, national forest, a historical monument, or any urban landscape. You can choose the sound effects or music. You can play live-action role-play games that will require you to physically move to play the game. These workouts can be done alone or with a group. It does not matter if your fitness levels don’t match as the progress will be tracked as per individual strength and fitness goals. you can gradually raise resistance or choose higher levels of the games with greater intensity as your fitness levels improve.

The software programs of exergame machines are regularly updated by manufacturers and they add new features, games, levels, music, landscapes, and much more. Thus, the equipment remains exciting and there is a lot to discover and to keep one interested. Check out our entire selection. You will find all the popular brands in the exergaming industry and their complete range of exergame equipment on our website. You can talk to our customer service representative to guide you with the selection process and to address any queries you may have.

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