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Try interactive fitness with Exergame’s premium solutions in Charleston.

Why not try interactive fitness with Exergame’s premium solutions for a new-age workout solution in Charleston, South Carolina? We are among the top retailers in the US with a country-wide presence, dealing in exergaming products from leading brands of the country. Our solutions are used by schools, community centers, gyms, sports training centers, YMCAs, shopping malls, gaming arcades, colleges, and interactive fitness and exergaming enthusiasts throughout the country.

Interactive fitness equipment is redefining the way people exercise. People are embracing this healthy blend of technology and fitness, and if you aren’t already offering it, it isn’t late to begin collecting the equipment for your facility. In fact, with the variety of workouts, games, and activities loaded on such equipment, your gym can start offering more routines and exercise alternatives to clients. Commercial gymnasiums in our clientele are witnessing a marked upswing in the number of new clients signing up with them and the number of clients who have started attending the gym regularly. Among schools, YMCAs, and other institutes that work with children and teenagers, there is positive feedback of enthusiastic participation among the youngsters. The exergaming mode of workouts with exciting role-playing games, avatars, immersive virtual reality experiences, and much more. Even complex activities and challenging routines become less formidable as the players get engrossed in their workouts.

Create an intelligent gym with equipment that is internet enabled, and leverage gaming technologies such as HD sound system, 4D lights and images, virtual reality, and cloud computing to give advanced workout results. While professional sports persons and athletes benefit from the data collected to measure their progress, even amateur and non-pro exercisers can improve the quality and output of their routine. We have fitness equipment for floor workouts, interactive climbing, calisthenics, weight training, exergaming, dance and step workouts, and hybrid exercise activities.

You can keep youngsters in large groups engaged with indoor playgrounds on which they can play interactive video games or sports activities. Senior citizens can be given mild workouts as per their abilities with engaging tasks that they will find easy to accomplish while exercising their different muscle groups. Many games and activities are solid mental stimulants and offer vigorous neurological workouts. Hence, our client base also includes health centers and physiotherapist clinics.

Most interactive fitness stations have a host of add-on accessories that one can choose from. We can guide you with picking accessories that will add variety and challenge to your workout routines. The equipment receives regular software updates to add new activities and games. Hence one can benefit from a range of engaging new exercises and keep up with the latest fitness trends.

All the products we offer for sale are tried and tested before being them to our catalog. Hence, our customer service team is not just familiar with the product specifications but also understands how it works. They can guide you through its various features and help you select the apt solutions for your gym.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide