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Exergaming Fitness is the number one dealer of premium brands in the interactive fitness industry in Charlotte

Workout with Exergame’s premium interactive fitness equipment daily in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are the number one dealer of premium brands in the interactive fitness industry. We work with some major organizations and institutions across the country, helping them set up their gyms and find apt solutions for their visitors.

The current generation is witnessing rapid growth in intelligent innovations that are taking over every aspect of our lives. While it is making life simpler and faster, it is also pushing us towards a more sedentary lifestyle, as more people spend long hours sitting and finding activities that do not require them to move much. Sitting is referred to as the cancer of the 21st century. On a positive note, the internet is raising awareness of lifestyle diseases, and many are trying to adopt a more active way of life. Video game manufacturers have long been designing games that require people to move to play the games.

Interactive fitness equipment we sell uses exergame activities and technologies such as live-action role-play games, 2D lights, sound effects, and touchscreen panels, among others, to create effective workout routines for participants. We have traditional arcade games such as dance and step games, interactive climbing walls, exergaming video games, interactive playgrounds, and much more. These games have been given modern technology augmentations in the form of VR Goggles, cloud sync of data, built-in thermal scanners to capture the player’s vitals, etc. Trainers and coaches can create customized workout sessions and amend existing training programs based on the progress reports.

Whatever your fitness goals may be – weight loss, weight gain, building muscles, improving strength, recovery, better flexibility, or simply adopting healthy lifestyle choices, interactive fitness equipment can help you. We have solutions for all these issues. We have tested every product we curate and understand how they work. You may be a fitness center for a single workout form such as Pilates or yoga. You may be a school, YMCA, or Boys & Girls Club. Or you may be a commercial gym offering all fitness activities. We have provided end-to-end interactive fitness solutions for all kinds of organizations and can recommend products for you too.

We can recommend interactive fitness solutions that are compact, mobile, or fill an entire room that is ergonomic and whose usage is intuitive. Our sales consultants understand the technical aspects of the equipment and will guide you with the installation needs and how well you can utilize your space for the best ROI.

Our clients repeatedly testify to interactive fitness solutions’ efficacy in improving the workout experience. Interactive Fitness gears attract clients to gyms, and even the most inactive students in schools participate in fitness activities with interactive fitness equipment.

Contact us to learn more about how such equipment can add value to your establishment and the products and brands we have. We can guide your business by adopting interactive fitness equipment for workout programs.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide