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If you are looking for interactive fitness equipment for your home or gym in Clifton, New Jersey, then browse our Exergame website catalog. We are the leading retailer of cutting-edge fitness solutions. We work closely with the best brands worldwide and bring apt solutions for your fitness goals to your doorstep.

You may be searching for solutions for weight loss, stamina building, improving strength, managing chronic illnesses, or want to find a shared family activity. Our exergame products are worth the look, built for diverse physical fitness activities. We have equipment that fulfills various requirements for exercising, staying active indoors, and entertaining oneself. While we have a solid individual customer base with clients across the USA, we are exclusive retailers for YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Schools across the country too.

We have helped set up entire series of interactive gym equipment for a wide range of workouts for users of all age groups. We have specially designed solutions for children and teenagers that contribute immensely to their holistic physical and mental health and growth. In an era where youngsters, especially teenagers and pre-teens, are hooked to video games and web series, interactive fitness equipment gives them a solid motive to move. Young adults and kids can play their favorite live-action role-playing game, watch their favorite Netflix show, or enjoy a virtual reality experience with immersive technologies such as VR goggles. They can do all these while exercising on a rowing machine, stationary bike, or treadmill while physically moving to progress in their games.

Our interactive fitness solutions are in great demand among professional fitness coaches, physiotherapists, and sports trainers. They use the fitness equipment’s cloud integration and advanced analytical abilities to set workout intensity, measure fitness levels, and create customized training programs. It helps the athletes and individuals in rehab track their progress and identify the areas where they can improve themselves.

Schools and youth clubs are progressively adopting interactive fitness equipment and promoting exergaming as part of their fitness programs. They see positive results among young children and teenagers as they exercise singly, as a group, or in teams. Exergaming activities with equipment such as Trailblazer Traverse, Railyard Fitness Obstacle Course, iDance 2, and SMARTfitMultiStation are enjoyed by children and teenagers alike. These fitness machines provide fun new ways to exercise and move while playing fun and engaging games.

New Jersey has strong monsoon and winter seasons with heavy rainfalls and snow. Thus, nobody can step outdoors to work out on most days due to the wet roads and sleet on the streets. One can run, row, cycle, and much more indoors with Exergame fitness solutions while experiencing outdoor simulations.

Interactive fitness is a revolutionary new way to get fit and get moving. With its compatibility with connected devices, its capabilities are augmented, and individuals can have a complete fitness experience.

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Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide