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For those who enjoy working out on different exercise equipment in Columbia, South Carolina, Exergame Fitness has come to town with various interactive fitness equipment. We bring to you the latest and best in exergaming equipment from the world’s top brands. Our interactive fitness equipment is currently used in schools, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, professional gyms, sports centers, community centers, and health centers.

You can pick interactive fitness equipment that will cover different styles of exercise. Whether you are into HIIT, aerobics, Pilates, weight training, or Yoga, the machines come with activities and games that you will enjoy. Suppose you are trying to get the first timer to gain confidence in their body to perform tough workouts or ease your patient into using their recovering muscle groups. In that case, you can find activities that give them immersive workout experiences. These activities and games are designed to provoke a response from the user. Whether riding along the beach on an interactive exercise bike or going on a quest in a virtual avatar exergaming virtual reality activity, everything is geared to make the user move.

We have equipment for creating virtual playgrounds where large groups of children and teenagers can play interactive video games or sports. We also have mechanical equipment such as the interactive climbing wall and trampolines that all age groups can enjoy.

We only keep tried and tested, premium quality products from the top brands such as Pavigym, Reax, iWall, and TapWall, to name a few. We are constantly adding new products to the catalog as they are rolled into the market. So, if you have heard of a new model of the interactive treadmill in the market, then we most likely have it. The key feature of interactive fitness equipment is that they have portals to connect them to internet-enabled devices. Thus, new activities, games, graphics, and music are added to the system every time the company pushes a software update. Also, many workout stations come with a wide array of add-on accessories. These can be used to try out different forms of workouts or create a new exercise plan.

Users can sign up for online fitness training programs, and trainers and coaches can also upload their fitness training programs. Thus, interactive fitness equipment has become a core part of many YMCA and other professional fitness programs. Doctors, coaches, and physiotherapists also use them extensively for patients and injured athletes to help them recover. We have set up entire gymnasiums in high schools and colleges, installed interactive exergame equipment in shopping malls and other commercial spaces, and enabled organizations to set up mobile fitness solutions.

Whether you are looking for fitness solutions for personal or commercial needs, we have many interactive fitness equipment alternatives. Many of our equipment can be used by persons of different age groups. Thus, you can play a multimedia game on a touchscreen panel with your children and have a fun family activity.

To learn more about our solutions and check out the products in our catalog, browse our website.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide