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We are adding variety and intensity to exergaming in Des Plaines by catering to the market with our extensive range of exergame equipment. Visit our website and scroll through our catalog to find a wide variety of exergaming equipment that can be laid on the floor, mounted on the wall, connected to your indoor exercise equipment such as the rowing machine, elliptical machine, treadmill, and stationary bike. Add variety to the gymnasium by creating new variations for existing exercising with gaming technology.

Add the interactive climbing wall, strike pods, multistation, Pro trainers, SMARTfit equipment from leading brands of the industry such as Fit Interactive, Reax, MotionMagix, SMARTfit, Pavigym, and Nexersys to name a few. We are constantly adding new equipment to our clearly defined catalog that will give focused training in a fun, interesting, and interactive environment. The exergames that we offer are all designed to create holistic workout sessions in which a diverse group of people can participate simultaneously. These games are unhindered by considerations of fitness level, speed, age, or ability. For instance, with the RunBEAT or HOLOFIT VR Rowing, multiple machines can be hooked up to a single system and the athletes can create avatars. They can run, walk, jog, or row at their pace on a common track with a group. Individuals can work out in a group and while working towards their goals at their pace. Since the equipment is connected to WiFi, all data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed to track progress.

Exergame equipment is popular among YMCA, schools, gyms, and activities centers that are visited by children, teenagers, young adults, and grown-ups. They are adopted for professional sports training and for grooming youngsters to cultivate an interest in physical activities. While breaking the monotony of performing repeated actions for exercise, the exergames as variety and interesting gizmos such as VR goggles, projector screens, pods, and personal tablets. We also have mechanical exergame equipment such as climbing walls and resistance bands that stimulate different muscle groups of the body to give targeted exercises.

The exergame equipment covers a complete range of physical activities such as running, jumping, crawling, squatting, rapid movement, walking, swimming, and rowing. They can be adjusted to low intensity for beginners and by tracking and observing the progress charts, one can slowly raise the intensity levels to keep the activities challenging for the players. Exergames are live-action video games that require the players to physically engage and perform the movements to progress.

Exergames are live-action video games that require the player or players to exert themselves physically to progress in the game. So, for instance, if you are playing quest-based games, then the exergame will require you to walk or sprint on the treadmill. You can play indoor football with your friends with the floor projector or go on a space quest to shoot aliens with a wall projector. Exergame equipment is a valuable addition to the community or commercial spaces. It is equally viable for bringing home and playing to spend quality family time.

Visit our store and browse through our wide range of exergame equipment and gears for fun and engaging indoor gaming activities.

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