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Fairfax, Virginia, is a famous university town and has a sizeable number of schools. Thus, many enthusiastic participants in physical fitness activities, especially those powered by interactive fitness equipment. Exergame is a leading retailer with a presence across the US in all major cities. We provide top-notch exergaming and interactive fitness solutions for organizations and health centers. We offer fitness and health solutions through interactive fitness equipment to promote an active lifestyle in a country where increasingly cancerous sedentary habits are rapidly spreading. To combat the inactivity enabled by the ease in life and the use of technologies, we are using cutting-edge technology to get people moving.

Interactive fitness equipment uses virtual and augmented reality technologies to create a simulated and immersive experience. Due to the novelty of playing with 2D images and the supporting sound systems, many children and teenagers have begun enthusiastic participation in fitness activities in schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and YMCAs. The principals and managers of these fitness centers report the resounding success and demand among youngsters for such active engagement. It has prompted many students to enroll in sports and watching them eagerly await a free sports period is heartbreaking.

To be physically active, mentally agile, and emotionally stable, it is essential to pursue some form of workout that engrosses the mind and tires the body. This may dance, go outdoor for a walk or run, play a sport, or any game, pursue some form of martial arts, or exercise. Exergaming technologies are loaded with activities, fun, and guided tutorials to promote physical fitness in the users’ areas of interest. They have capabilities that one can use to connect the exergame equipment to multimedia devices. Thus, to continue binge-watching a new web series, play a Live Action Role Play Game, or play any video game, the user has to move and perform actions physically.

As they gradually break out of their sedentary habits, their stamina and strength improve, and users become habituated to being on the move and sitting idly less.

Interactive fitness equipment is used by hospitals for rehabilitation and fitness examination, in professional sports for advanced training programs, and in other organizations that are built to provide recovery and rehabilitation services. Participating in group exergaming or interactive fitness activities improves social skills and plays a good role in team building and social interactions.

The interactive fitness equipment has an internet connection and applications through which training programs are conducted. These applications and the software receive regular updates through which new songs, games, and activities are added to the system. Thus, the equipment remains engaging and unique and continues to pique the interest of its users.

As retailers, we offer complete services for installation and maintenance too. We can help you identify the fitness equipment that will be apt for the available space and budget. Our customer service is fully trained to answer any queries you may have and provide complete information on our products.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide