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For the gaming enthusiasts of Fresno, California, how about taking the experience up a notch? Take a healthy turn with ultimate Interactive Fitness and Gaming Products? Exergames has a whole range of high-end interactive fitness machines for every fitness activity imaginable. The equipment comes loaded with games that will cover a wide range of movements in a fun way.

Do you have teens who are spending long hours LARPing or preparing for their high school exams? Or are your children at the restless age where they must be constantly engaged productively, in new activities? Exergame activities are effective solutions for all ages and fitness and mental stimulation. Hence, many YMCAs, youth clubs, sports centers, schools, and Boys & Girls Clubs across the USA and the world are creating exergaming centers. Equipment such as the Lu Interactiveand MotionMagix floor are proving to be viable virtual playgrounds to keep large groups of kids engaged. These interactive playgrounds are loaded with games that children can play together and promotes physical well-being and social skills.

Activities on equipment such as the tWall, tWall 64, or IWall can be played by individuals of all age groups. Adults and children can play the games on these machines together. Many exergame equipments such as the Reaxe Lights, Fit Interactive 3 Kick, and Makoto can be used individually. They are connected to the internet and thus the individual athlete’s progress report is uploaded in their name onto the account.

Even in a gym, it gives you the space to track individual progress as your avatar races along with your peers on a simulated track that you are running, biking, or hiking on in a group workout session. We have interactive fitness bikes, interactive treadmills, rowing machines, and Pavigym Sprint 3.0, which are designed to engage with an immersive experience.

Whether you are looking for interactive exercise equipment for the gym or community center or your house, Exergames has solutions for everyone. The equipment comes loaded with customized workout sessions and alternatives to load new games. You can turn all the occasions for sitting or becoming idol for long periods into effective workout sessions through our uniquely designed exergaming machines.

Visit our store and browse through the catalog to find equipment that will meet your requirements.

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