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For Greer, South Carolina residents, Exergame is in the city with the best interactive fitness equipment. We have an exhaustive catalog of top-of-the-line interactive fitness machines that you can use for various exercise styles. Whether you are a pilates enthusiast, prefer fast-paced CrossFit training, enjoy flexing with calisthenics, or are a passionate MMA practitioner – we have equipment that is loaded with activities and games for you. We aim to use interesting and exciting technologies to help users accomplish their fitness goals.

Your clients may aim for an active lifestyle, flexibility, weight loss, or learning a new form of workout. With interactive fitness equipment, you can provide them with various alternatives to help them attain their goals. Our products are widely used across the USA in schools, universities, colleges, YMCAs, professional gyms, sports centers, Parks & Recreation centers, and gaming arcades. Our clients can offer their clientele a diverse range of workout games and activities through the fitness solutions we provide them. In our catalog, you will find the most recognized brands in the interactive fitness industry. A few of the internationally recognized brands that we are retailers for are Reax, Twall, Pavigym, iDance, Nexersys, and SMARTfit, to name a few.

You can use interactive fitness equipment for individual workouts or group fitness activities. Many of our intelligent fitness solutions are used for group fitness activities such as soul cycle, virtual racing, creating indoor playgrounds, and other team and competitive activities.

Our mobile fitness solutions, such as the Railyard Obstacle Course, Reax Lights, and trampolines, can be used for indoor or outdoor exercise activities. These are used for family activities or fitness with teams of a single age. Many of our interactive fitness touchpad games are suitable for home installation for family fitness activities. These devices come with CPUs that have Android and Apple app store apps for fun, fitness routines by internationally reputed coaches and fitness instructors, and a series of virtual reality landscapes for cardio training. With every software update, new games, activities, or music playlists are added to the system, keeping it current and fresh.

Interactive fitness equipment motivates users to be more regular in their fitness activities, engage in physically challenging activities, undertake complex physical movements, and attain their fitness goals faster. Our client testimonials are proof of the efficacy of the interactive fitness equipment we sell. They are being used in YMCAs Sports training, school fitness programs, rehabilitation programs for injured sportspersons and patients recovering from operations, and professional sports training.

These types of fitness equipment allow the trainers to customize the workout routine and add training programs. Our customer service executives can guide you with the programs and functions of the device.

Contact our customer care and book your consultation to learn more about our products and find equipment that best suits your needs.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide