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Exergame Fitness in Iselin: The Ultimate Fitness Experience

The residents of Iselin, New Jersey, can now purchase all their interactive fitness equipment from Exergame, the exclusive dealer for some of the leading brands in the USA. Nexersys, Lu Fitness, Reaxe, SMARTfit, and Holofit are some of the most popular interactive fitness brands we sell. The interactive fitness gears designed by these brands improve mental and physical agility and give a holistic workout experience. 

We have deployed the exergame fitness equipment in many schools, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other institutions that work with children and teenagers. A marked improvement in behavioral and emotional health was observed besides the overall physical fitness. Fitness trainers and coaches have created entire exercise routines using interactive fitness equipment. Children and teenagers suffering from obesity, juvenile diabetes, and breathing ailments such as asthma have built their core strengths without being intimidated by the routines. The adaptive speeds and engaging avatars help them gradually increase their workout pace without becoming too conscious and holding themselves back. 

Even in hospital rehab and physiotherapy sessions, interactive fitness equipment such as Makoto, tWall, and Dynavision is being used to improve cognitive ability and neuromuscular skills. Such equipment is designed to limit stress and increase flexibility. Therapists can track the reaction time, pulse rate, stamina, blood pressure levels, hand-eye coordination, and neurological development. The vital stats are automatically recorded and uploaded to the cloud for the therapists to analyze. 

Professional sports coaches are rapidly adopting interactive fitness equipment to give players a simulated experience of the terrain and acclimate them to the field conditions. Even the players can track their performance and work on improving their form. The exergaming industry offers subscriptions for many training sessions with professional trainers via mobile apps. 

These applications are accessible to individual users too. One can sign up for different workouts and get personalized training sessions too. You can connect with other equipment users and become part of a virtual training group. Many workout machines such as the Reax Lights, Reax Station Compact, Jacob’s Ladder, and TapWall are compact. They come preloaded with multiple games and activities, and as the product is updated, new games and music is added to keep the product current and engaging. 

There is equipment with multiplayer gaming options, which you can play in small or large groups. For these, it is unimportant if the players have different fitness levels. One can have fun as a family, with friends, or in social groups, as you have an intensive bonding session over a game that gets everyone physically active and moving. It 

Get relaxed with immersive exercise sessions that will take you on a journey towards your fitter self through a series of quests, terrains, and modes of workouts. At Exergame, we understand the needs of our clients before recommending equipment. We can share with you single products with features of multiple exercise equipment. We can also help you set up an entire gym with interactive fitness equipment for different types of exercises. Contact our customer service for a detailed discussion on the best solutions for your needs. 

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