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Exergaming in Jackson Heights will get a boost with the new ad powerful range of exergaming machines we are bringing to the city. With extreme winters, rains, and little sun, one may prefer or be compelled to spend more time exercising indoors. With exergames, you can bring the outside world inside through simulation games. You can pick the landscape of your favorite destination and go for a hike or run through it. You can mount the Exerbike GS or Trixter to go biking through all types of terrains and play games with gym buddies and friends.

Exergame technology has advanced a great deal in the past decade and over the years, manufacturers have integrated the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. The images rendered, the backgrounds, audio output, voice recognition, and the capacity for capturing even the subtlest of movements make exergame machines the perfect fitness companions. We have exergaming machines that come integrated with fitness trackers that capture a variety of statistics to measure fitness levels and progress. The data is stored in a cloud database and can be accessed on any internet-enabled device to see how well one is performing. This is especially useful for professional sportspersons, trainers, coaches. Exergame equipment such as Dynavision, TWall 64, and iWall is used for strength training and endurance training, improving mobility, and mental agility. They play a big part in rehab and recovery for injured trainers.

Exergame machines are available for age groups – young children to adults. There are games of different intensities that can be played singly or in a group. Many of the exergame activities can be played by individuals of different age groups and fitness levels. Games such as TapWall, StepManiaX, Dance Shadow Mat, and Climbing walls can be played by children and adults, making it a good physical activity for the family. The group activity machines such as dance and step mats, climbing walls, treadmills, rowing machines, and gaming bikes are an excellent addition to gyms, schools, and sports centers for group workout sessions. Players can exercise together or compete against one another. Trainers can select from a wide range of tracks, terrains, backgrounds, songs, and music. they can create an upbeat environment to keep the energies high as all the participants work towards their individual fitness goals and pedal, run, row, or walk. There are impressive avatars that one can select and keep track of individual progress even as they move alongside different participants in the virtual world.

There is mechanical exergame workout equipment such as climbing walls, Jacob’s ladder, suspension trainer, railyard fitness obstacle course, Fitness Trampolines, and rope climbers to name a few. This equipment gives complete strength and endurance training, where you use your bodyweight to learn balance, measured movement, and control.

Visit our store to browse through the wide options we have. We stock the best brand names in the exergaming industry. The exergame technologies are ergonomic and easy to use and the machine itself is easy to install. Visit our store and talk to our representative to learn more about what we are offering.

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