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For the residents of Mountain View, California, Exergame is now delivering their premium Interactive Fitness and Gaming Products from the best brands in the industry to your city. From exciting new equipment that comes preloaded with games that will keep you moving along with your screen avatars, to mechanical equipment that will push you to perform movements that you would have otherwise considered challenging – we offer everything.

You can pick up equipment such as interactive stationary bikes or a rowing machine to which you can hook your Wii or Nintendo and move physically to continue playing the game. For a group cardio fitness session, we have Exergaming solutions such as the IDance 2 Wireless Dance and Step, RunBEAT, and Spivi which are all connected to a single projector and play the latest high-intensity workout music.

For children, we have virtual playgrounds such as the Lu Interactive or the Beam Floor Game that project highly engaging games for large groups of children to enjoy indoors. This equipment includes projectors, motion sensors, and computers that are loaded with hundreds of games for all age groups. There are smaller versions of these virtual playgrounds such as the tWalland tWall 64which can be played by one to three players at a time. In fact, this equipment is useful for rehabilitation and physiotherapy as they provide light impulses that ease people into physical activity.

You may love LARP games, or enjoy sports such as tennis, football, or soccer. Many exergame machines come preloaded with this game and you can play a simulated version of these games. Exergame’s interactive fitness equipment is also used for training by professional sports coaches. Equipment such as the Reaxe Box, Pavigym Sprint, and Interactive Ab Training is widely used in the fitness training routine of professional players.

Aside from their use in commercial and community fitness centers, interactive fitness equipment can also be brought home. The Motion Magix, IWall, and LadderMill will fit in any house and can be used by the complete family.

Exergaming solutions are designed to motivate people to move and get active even as they indulge in playing their favorite video games. It is about creating a healthy lifestyle and motivating people to create a fitness routine.

We have a wide range of exergame products that you will love and surely use to build healthy living habits in a fun way.

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