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Exergame in Naperville community centers, gymnasiums, YMCAs, and Boys & Girls clubs, and homes are being redefined. With advanced gaming technology that is powered by artificial intelligence, we bring to the market a new range of games. We are also redefining the way existing exercise equipment is being used. So, if you have stowed away your treadmill and stationary bike, bring them out. If the elliptical machine and rowing machine are not having an adequate impact on your client’s fitness, then add fun elements to challenge them.

Exergames are an extension of live-action gaming. In this traditional exercise equipment is hooked to internet-enabled devices such as tablets, laptops, or projects. You can exercise singly or in a group. Have fun creating avatars, exercising in different terrains, and working out with your friends. The exergame equipment such as dance mats, game pods, and projector screens. We offer exergame solutions as per age, functionality, and type of workouts. You can set up an entire virtual playground where youngsters can play a variety of games that use virtual aids. These games use light and sound actions to create a simulated experience of playing in the fields.

You can also assemble a circuit training course in a large room that covers a variety of movements for providing full-body workouts. Some equipment can be used by individuals of different age groups and fitness levels to play together.  Our wall and floor workout equipment such as the gaming bikes, iWall, wireless dance, and step games, and CardioWall can be played by everyone simultaneously. You can set the intensity at a level that is suitable for all to enjoy the game and be challenged at the same time.

The philosophy behind exergame equipment is to blend video games and physical exercise to make indoor workouts fun and engaging. Whether it is raining, snowing, or you are unable to get outdoors for a good workout for any other reason, the exergame technology can be used to simulate the outdoor experience while you work out indoors. Enjoy the experience of running on a sunny beach trail on a cold January morning as you are exergaming in Naperville. Choose live-action games that require you to go on physical treks on the treadmill.

The exergame equipment comes with audiovisual tools such as high-definition projectors, tablets, or LED televisions. For an individual immersive experience, there are VR goggle attachment options too. Some equipment like the Reax lights and SMARTfit Strike Pod come with unique equipment that will flash beams of light and audio output. This equipment can be variously arranged for movement-based floor exercises. The Reax Lights is a favorite among martial arts students.

The idea of exercising may not be motivating by itself. However, club intense physical activities with games and everyone’s onboard! Exergames motivate people to push themselves off their couch and get moving as they play their favorite video game.

While a lot of our solutions are for large group work outs, we have several compact and mobile solutions that can be installed at home or carried to whichever location you want to exercise in.

Explore our wide offering and get moving as you have your new exergame equipment delivered.

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