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Exergaming in New Hyde Park is about to get more interesting as Exergame arrives at the city with the top brands in the industry. We provide a wide variety of mechanical, electronic, and software-enabled exergaming solutions for a holistic workout experience. Over the past few decades, the exergaming industry has developed, imbibing the best of artificial intelligence, cloud, and the internet of things to create a futuristic and customized gaming experience. With high-definition images, surround sound, advanced graphics, and a variety of games that are regularly being added, exergames offer a lot of variety for fitness enthusiasts. Even the reluctant athletes will start working out regularly with exergames.

Exergame machines offer focused training for the development of neuromuscular and neuro-motor cognitive capacities. They can be used for application in various kinds of workouts such as Pilates, HIIT, CrossFit, and cardio training. There are many simulated versions of sports such as soccer, golf, softball, and other sports that are simulated and can be played in a group. The step and dance game category are immensely popular among all age groups – from children to adults. There are many varieties of exergame mats that require little space for a group of youngsters or the family to workout in.

Exergame combines fun and fitness to occupy the players for an hour or more doing serious exercises in a relaxed and enjoyable ecosystem. Lunges, squats, inchworms, pushups, or burpees can get boring as a repetitive action can be broken down for interval training with exergame machines.

Gym trainers and sports coaches have innovatively used exergame equipment to create their workout regime that has given positive results to their pupils. It is now being used by many doctors, physiotherapists, and sports professionals for aiding in recovery after physical injuries. Exergame equipment contributes to physical and mental development. Participants must be focused and apply themselves physically and mentally to score points and break into higher levels. They are excellent for building response to stimulus, hand-eye coordination, and mental agility.

Exergames can be used for competitions and group workout sessions. People of different fitness levels can work out and play together despite having different fitness levels. They are excellent for group fitness workouts such as SoulCycle and Tabata. They help build social interactions and create an environment for healthy competition. The participants can motivate each other and themselves to improve their performance and increase their stamina, strength, and prowess at the game.

Today, you will find exergaming machines in shopping malls, youth clubs, schools, sports centers, YMCAs, and gymnasiums to name a few popular public places. Many companies are also adding exergaming machines to the office cafeteria and for corporate training to conduct team-building exercises. Many of our customers are individuals who purchase our mini or compact exergame machines. These versions of exergames take up little space and can be easily installed or uninstalled and stowed away. They make fun family activities and serve a lot of purposes to keep children engaged during the day, at birthday parties, and so much more.

Visit our website, browse through our catalog to find the exergaming machine that will be suitable for your New Hyde Park establishment.


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