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Exergame is now selling its cutting-edge exergame products in North Bergen, New Jersey. Check out our catalog, and don’t miss out on an opportunity to pick top-rated interactive fitness equipment and products from the leading international brands. We aim to get people moving and help everyone beat the sedentary lifestyle through minor changes to factors that promote sedentary habits. Thus, we are announcing the adoption and sale of interactive fitness equipment, which people can play video games, watch television, and exercise.

We curate brands such as Pavigym, Reaxe, iWall, IDance, Nexersys, Trailblazer, and Lu Interactive, to name a few. We are constantly searching the market for new and exciting brands to build our catalog with innovative fitness solutions. The fitness solutions from these brands are designed for individuals and large groups. We have set up interactive fitness centers for gymnasiums, sports centers, schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and YMCAs across the USA. Trainers and coaches have designed customized training solutions with the exergaming equipment, and the results have been exemplary.

Exergaming equipment promotes physical and mental fitness among players as they work out in group sessions.

Every interactive fitness equipment is designed to add a novel element to traditional exercises that engages and motivates the users. Equipment such as the Reaxe Light, Makoto, and Nexersys is used in a diverse range of HIIT and mixed martial arts workouts. These aids to exercises break down complex workout routines and make them less intimidating to perform. For those new to exercising or recovering from injuries or health problems, the interactive fitness equipment helps them increase their resistance and workout intensity progressively.

Exergaming makes exercising exciting and breaks children and teenagers out of their inactive habits to step out and build a social circle and an active lifestyle. With dance and step exercises, and interactive gaming equipment such as MotionMagix Floor, Beam Wall, and StepManiaX, to name a few, youngsters are engaged in activities they enjoy. They can dance, play video games, and have an immersive experience. The various interactive fitness equipment uses 2D images, light and HD audio, internet, and cloud-based AI technologies to create an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Such equipment is enjoyed by players of all age groups, whether they use it alone or in a group. Every piece of equipment comes preloaded with a playlist of the latest songs, which are updated periodically. It comes with hundreds of games and activities that make the equipment engaging and gives a variety of activities for users to pursue. Thus, the user can enjoy various physical fitness activities with a single piece of equipment.

Our customer service group includes fitness trainers and qualified fitness professionals. They can guide you on the best solutions for your fitness goals. You may look for interactive fitness equipment for the entire family to use at home, at your gym, or community center, and we will find the best equipment for you.

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