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Exergames in Palatine brings for you exergaming systems that combine the fun elements of video games with exercise machines. Choose this new age fitness equipment to attract the interest of youngsters of all age groups. The influence of video games has held sway for many decades now. With the improvement in technology-aided by artificial intelligence, cloud technology, 4-D technology, and the internet of things, gaming equipment is breathing new life with an immersive experience. with the Exergaming equipment, you can build tactical training programs that engage players physically and mentally. Monotonous and repetitive aerobic or CrossFit workouts can be made engaging by adding gaming elements to them.

You can integrate popular exergame equipment such as the Reax Station, iWall, obstacle courses, and climbing walls to create a holistic gym experience. Bring the outdoor experience indoor with virtual reality goggles and landscapes. Use live-action role-playing games with exciting avatars and backstories to get adults and children moving physically while they attempt a quest. Many activities have been gamified to build interest among players. So, there is floor exercise equipment that replicates a large piano and has an in-built sound system and sensors that children can move on to create music. There are dance-based workouts. For those who love to hike and rappelled, there are rock walls that can be installed indoors for climbing. If the adults or children are interested in sports such as soccer or football, there are smart projectors that will create a VR experience for group games.

Since the exergame equipment used graphics, light pulses, sensors, video, and audio effects to simulate the environment, they can be installed practically anywhere with an electric outlet. You can create an entire exergame workout obstacle course indoors in a gym, YMCA, or Boys& Girls clubs.

We also have compact or mobile versions of many exergame equipments that can be installed in the house and stowed away discreetly. Every exergame equipment that we sell is carefully designed by IT professionals, sportspersons, and doctors. They are designed to intelligently provoke the movement of different parts of the body to promote agility, flexibility, core body strength, and mental stimulation.

Exergames can be used singly or by a group, thus it makes a common ground for social interactions. Multiple players can use one exergame equipment as part of a group even though they may have different fitness levels. The games are designed intelligently to enable people to work out at their own pace and arrive at their target fitness threshold.

Exergame equipment is WiFi-enabled and hence they automatically capture the individual progress statistics. You can set your targets and work towards them and build your endurance by increasing the difficulty levels. It is excellent as a remedial workout machine that can be used by sports centers for helping injured sportspersons recuperate. You can map out their fitness routine, track their progress and add training schedules to ensure their fitness levels are maintained.

SO, browse through our catalog, check the offers and start planning the exergame setup for your gymnasium and activity center.

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