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Exergame is now here in Phoenix, Arizona, with its cutting-edge fitness solutions designed by the best interactive fitness equipment industry brands. We have built a business out of providing our clients the best services in retailing high-standard workout gizmos that are fun to play with. Challenge yourself daily, test your endurance and build your fitness with various interactive fitness games and activities. The immersive and engaging workout alternatives will keep you consistent, and the results will show your progress.

Many gyms are shifting to interactive gym equipment for group and individual workouts. The user can do different types of exercises safely and correctly on a single exercise station with proper guidance. It helps newcomers to self-correct when the trainers are not around, and experienced gym users will be able to correct their form and find new exercises to challenge them. The intelligent fitness equipment offers interactivity that gives its users an immersive experience. Some innovative fitness equipment comes with Bluetooth headphones and VR goggles that completely transport users into an alternate dimension where they can engross themselves with exercises. One can sync their fitness bands and record their statistics which you can view to watch one’s progress.

Our clients include commercial gyms, gaming arcades, companies, health centers, colleges, and schools that have brought in arcade gyms for effective exergames. At its most basic, they use colorful lights and sounds to transform the space into a virtual playground. You can customize activities on the equipment and upload new activities and logos to create a unique workout experience. The graphic elements rendered are so realistic that one can almost feel they are part of it as they assume an avatar and race along the track with their counterparts. These varieties of equipment offer new ways to do the old exercises, and where there are mundane, repetitive workouts, it motivates the user to stick with it and complete their circuits.

Interactive exercise equipment is elevating workout standards and making the top gym trainers of the world accessible to its users. It also leverages video games and other fun activities such as live-action role-playing games to get people physically active. One can hook the smartphones or TVs to the exercise equipment and continue pedaling or rowing as they watch their favorite movie or sitcom. Aside from the physical benefit, integrating interactive fitness equipment into the regular fitness routines in the gym promotes mental and social health. As users work out together, they socialize and compete against one another. Psychologists are using equipment to treat children with ADHD to improve their focus and concentration.

Exergame retails products to all types of clients across the USA. Our products are used in commercial gyms and hospitals, by schools and colleges, and everywhere it has attracted popularity among patrons. To find out more about the products we sell, visit our website.

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Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide