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Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or have primarily lived a sedentary lifestyle in Plainsboro, New Jersey, Exergame has a range of exciting new interactive fitness equipment that will challenge you and interest you. We have associated ourselves and collated a complete range of exercise equipment for all types of interactive fitness needs. We only work with the best brands in the industry. Hence, we are recognized in the market for our exemplary service and the top-quality products we sell.

Our clients include fitness clubs, gymnasiums, high schools, YMCAs, sports centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, families, and individuals. Video games and interactive videos, and tutorials hold an appeal to all age groups. Through our wide range of exergaming equipment, we utilize the potential of augmented reality aids such as 2D images, High definition audio equipment, virtual goggles, and mobile devices such as tablets to create an engaging fitness routine.

We have stretched the definition of fitness by making exergaming a core engagement activity for exercise routines. Thus, instead of running on a treadmill, the athlete can have an immersive engagement through simulated scenes of their virtual avatar running on an Olympic race track or the open meadows. With equipment like IWall and Reaxe Station, they can enjoy the experience of being part of immersive quest-based games. One can take up attractive avatars and go for a run on an interactive treadmill or be part of a virtual gaming experience through live-action role-playing games on a rowing or elliptical machine.

We have a complete range of mechanical exergame equipment such as interactive climbing equipment like Trailblazer Traverse and Everlast Climbing Wall, ReaxeFluiball and similar weights, Jacob’s ladder, and fitness trampolines. We have the Railyard Fitness course for group fitness activities with obstacle courses. All these are highly engaging physical fitness equipment that exercises all muscles and body parts.

While giving core engagement and deep physical workouts, the interactive fitness equipment constantly records the players’ movements. There are multiple categories under which the fitness vitals of athletes are captured and recorded. These are then stored on the cloud platform and can be accessed on any internet-enabled device. Even in group fitness activities, individual fitness measures are tracked and recorded. Thus, everyone cans et their goal and stay updated on their fitness progress.

Interactive fitness makes exercise fun with engaging avatars, fascinating sound and light effects, exciting games and activities, and a wide selection of music and videos. That is why they are gaining such massive popularity among individuals and institutions. You can exercise while you engage in activities that you enjoy virtually. Whether going for a walk in a simulated city or playing deeply engaging video games, you can do everything by staying physically active to progress.

To learn more about our solutions and the variety of products in our catalog, browse our website. You can book a free consultation with our customer service for guidance and understanding of the various products we sell.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide