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Renton, Washington, is now home to Exergame Fitness– US’s leading interactive fitness equipment retailer. We have the best and most advanced brands in the interactive fitness industry in our store. Our clients include schools, colleges, companies, YMCAs, professional sports centers, gymnasiums, and shopping malls. We have built these strong associations over the years, working closely with our clients and understanding their business goals and customers’ needs.

If you associate with us, you can get the best deals on some of the leading international brands to get the latest products in the market. The exergame and interactive fitness markets are constantly evolving as new technologies improve the functions and functionalities of the equipment. The innovative gym equipment that we sell receives regular updates in which manufacturers add new games, activities, and sound effects, among other things. Thus, the instrument remains current and loaded with novel physical fitness activities.

Whether you have a large-sized gym or a small activity room, you can select interactive fitness equipment that will serve multiple purposes or individual fitness equipment for each workout form. For instance, SMARTfit, Pavigym, and TWall have a range of products that you can fit in a well-sized room for various individual or group workout sessions. Spivi, Trixter, HOLOFIT, and Endurolast have products you can arrange in a large-sized room for group cardio sessions. We also have mobile fitness solutions such as Reaxe, TRX, and Railyard products that can be placed indoors or outdoors, as per the number of people participating and the workout it is being utilized for. You can create gym segments for cardio, strength, weight, and virtual playgrounds.

Each fitness equipment is designed to give an exciting turn to the workout routine with inventive accessories. The VR goggles can create a genuinely engaging simulated experience, whether you are rowing or biking. Products like the Reaxe Run Club simulate terrain to give you the experience of running uphill, hiking on an uneven surface, or going on a sprint. The virtual playground products from Motion Magix, Trailblazer, and Lu Interactive are popular in schools and commercial spaces like shopping malls. They come with compact parts that are easy to assemble, take little space and offer multiple activities that children can run and play across the room. You can customize the light and sound effects to give brand-related messages and showcase its logos.

The group physical activity engages adults and children to work synchronously with teams or in groups. It leads to social interactions, and the immersive experience helps develop mental acuity. Individual workouts improve the concentration and confidence of the athletes. It helps them gauge the benefits of their workouts and has lasting effects as individuals are motivated to move and use different muscle groups to complete their routines.

Over the years, we have watched innovative fitness solutions provide gyms and education institutions that offer value to their members. Even the users are excited to try the new equipment to satiate their natural curiosity.

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Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide