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If you are ready to start exercising in earnest, then you may want to check out the latest range of Exergame Interactive Fitness and Gaming Products. We are among the leading sellers of the exciting interactive exercise equipment in San Francisco, California for individuals and institutions.

Exergaming equipment is versatile and adaptable to different fitness levels. Thus, some alternatives can be simultaneously used by children and adults for group activities. Or a single piece of equipment can be used for groups of individuals of different age groups or fitness levels. For instance, the HoloFit rowing machine can be adjusted for use by teenagers and full-grown adults. The VR goggle can be used for projecting simulated sceneries or for playing games as per the age, interests, and fitness levels of the players.

SomeExergamingequipment such as the Lu Interactiveand Beam Floor games are enjoyed by children of all age groups. These floor projection games use motion sensors, projectors, and high-quality audio to engage kids as they play organized sports or other fun games on a virtual indoor playground. These are installed in big halls to entertain large groups of children.

Workout units such as the tWallare well-suited for home gyms. If you are looking for variety in workouts and want organized workout schedules and plans, then this is the equipment for you. Many additional attachments that come with the equipment can amp up your workout. For professional gymnasiums, there is the tWall 64on which trainers can plan entire workout routines.

Exergame equipment can convert your sedentary live-action role play (LARP) game into an engaging workout as you run on the treadmill to complete the quest. Instead of sitting to binge on a new web series, one can row or pedal and stay actively engaged throughout. The immersive experience provided by exergame technology helps in gradually guiding the participants on the path of fitness and makes physical activity second nature.

There are exergame solutions for professional athletes, youth fitness centers, and highly effective individuals. Visit our website and discuss with our customer service representatives to learn more about exergaming technology and find the equipment that would be the best fit for you.

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