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Looking For A Fun And Interactive Fitness Solution In San Jose? Exergame Fitness Has Got You Covered!

Exergame Fitness is the leader in creating an interactive and fun method for arriving at your fitness and health objectives, no matter what your age. We can integrate our Interactive Fitness and Gaming Products (LU Interactive Playground, Gaming Bikes, tWALL tests (tWALL 64), etc.) into rehab centers, schools, health centers and more!

It is all around acknowledged among individuals that physical movement and activity lead to a better life. Performing physical exercises routinely has shown to be healthy for individuals. A viable approach to further developing cardio-respiratory fitness is to routinely perform muscle strengthening exercises. Such activities are suggested in any event, for healthy grown-ups as they were displayed to lower blood pressure, lessen cardiovascular disease risk and enhance glucose metabolism lessen cardiovascular disease risk. Exergaming causes individuals to perform physical activity, but is it as viable as normal sports and exercises? Indeed!

Undoubtedly, playing an exergame positively affects the player’s well-being. In any case, aside from health advantages, exergaming likewise has a few different advantages. Exergames are a type of entertainment and provide the user with a method of inspiration. With different types of exercise, individuals will as a rule be pondering about how dead tired they are; with exergaming, their mind is drenched in the game and they are simply having a good time. Accordingly, the degree of inspiration to stay with the exercise program is additionally a lot higher than with customary exercise.

Exergaming has been demonstrated to upgrade academic performance by creating new brain cells and neurological associations that boost memory, learning, and critical thinking. Exergaming carries variety to customary exercise by transforming the scope of motion and enhancing mental abilities.

Certain individuals are not agreeable with their own bodies and hence would rather not join a sports club or go to a fitness class since they are apprehensive others could check them out. Exergames can be played at home in a ‘protected’ climate, where these individuals can work out without the awkward feelings and in their own private room. This can assist them with boosting their self-confidence, and at last, make them more agreeable with their own body.

As Exergames can be played alone at home, it can likewise provide a social approach to getting fit. Loved ones can join the games at home, and there are a lot of games that provide online communities where individuals can inspire and assist one another.

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Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide