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Exergame in Schaumburg is offering a wide range of AI and IoT-enabled exergaming equipment that will elevate your workout routine. You can add these pieces of equipment to your home gym, school, YMCA, Boys & Girls activity centers, or gymnasiums. They can be used singly or for group exercise sessions with options for individuals of different fitness levels to work out together.

We provide equipment for cardiovascular exercises, core muscle strengthening, fine motor skills development, and building body balance. Gather your friends, family members, or peers for a comprehensive physical engagement for over an hour or more. Each exergame equipment comes with preloaded games, intensity levels, and various other features to add variety to workouts. As the equipment is used regularly, it will help build resistance, intensity, and stamina to move to higher levels. The cloud connect helps in recording and storing achievements and also setting benchmarks for growth.

Exergame navigates through available technologies to turn the stationary bike, rowing machine, treadmill, and elliptical machine into smart indoor exercise machines. You can set panoramas, choose terrains, and hook up multiple machines to a screen for creating a group obstacle course or adventure. On our website, you will find exergame equipment for various types of exercises for achieving targeted goals. You can get complete gym outfits that will include different machines for creating obstacle courses, floor exercises, wall exercises, and enhancing the capacities of existing machines.

If you are a school or youth fitness center, you may want to look at our special equipment for rehabilitation and recuperation for athletes. You can turn monotonous workout routines into exciting faceoffs between athletes. A free period can be used to stimulate the students’ neurological receptors by challenging them with activities that will require them to immerse themselves physically and mentally. Challenge pro athletes to improve their statistics with high-intensity endurance training. Also, help new athletes and amateurs to build their stamina and core muscle strength with intuitive software and guided training programs.

We are offering a diverse range of exergaming equipment that will drive people of all age groups to opt for physical activities. The dance mats, for instance, are the perfect gear for family weekend activities at the community club. Members can team up and have indoor races, endurance tests, or go on virtual quests that will require them to physically exert themselves. The various exergame gears will cover actions such as climbing, rowing, running, walking, jumping, crawling, and using core body strength to overcome obstacles or finish tasks.

What’s more? players get to use gadgets such as virtual reality goggles, tablets, pods that will flash different colored light beams, climbing walls, and other interesting tools. You can use a large room or a small space for setup and begin the activity. Adults and youngsters can play together or groups can be divided based on their fitness levels to perform activities. as the software is updated, new games and variations in challenges and intensity, music, or other elements are added to keep the game interesting and intriguing.

Browse through our catalog and check out the various exergaming equipment that will be a perfect fit for your requirement.

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