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Choose from a range of interactive fitness equipment at Tempe, Arizona, only on Exergame. With a catalog as full-fledged as ours, you will find what you need for your fitness goals and the exercises that you find interesting. You can now buy exercise equipment for strength training, endurance training, stamina building, muscle growth, and improving your mental fitness. Interactive exercise equipment provides multiple benefits on a single station through programmed use of colorful light and sound pulses, games, and simulation activities.

Aided by AI tech devices such as VR goggles, HD sound systems, cloud computing, thermal scanner, and internet-enabled devices such as tablets, projectors, and touchscreens, it provides a wholesome exergaming experience. Every piece of equipment comes with attachments; one can upgrade the accessories and add custom features and programs. Besides, the manufacturing companies push software updates with which they add new programs, activities, music, and other features. Thus, the equipment remains updated with the latest trending games and activities.

Exergame has experience building entire interactive gyms for corporates, YMCAs, schools, colleges, and commercial gyms. We have installed mobile fitness equipment for organizations that have outdoor activities such as dance mats, interactive climbing walls, obstacle courses, trampolines, and much more. We have even installed compact equipment that takes up little space but can provide healthy group workouts with the virtual playgrounds or light boxes. Many types of equipment can be used individually, in a group, or for competition between teams.

Interactive exercise equipment uses engaging and intriguing ways to get its users moving. That is why they are as effective for getting a newcomer accustomed to a regular training routine as they are for helping professional athletes attain their prime fitness goals. Among our clients, schools have testified to increased attendance among youth for physical education classes, and commercial gyms have attested to a rise in attendance amongst existing customers and sign-up by fresh clients. Corporates have spoken to us about improvement in employee output after unwinding with a piece of exergaming equipment. Parks and Recreation Centers have seen more robust engagement among youth in their physical activity programs. Even physical and mental health and rehab centers speak of the successful application of many interactive exercise equipment.

Your organization can create custom workouts and activities with customized logos for brand promotions and to develop a brand identity. Where the organization is happy with the existing alternatives available on the equipment, they can use the custom-guided exercise programs that you can access on iOS and Android apps. These programs are designed by world-renowned trainers and coaches and can help your clients correct their form and exercise independently.

If your gym is upgrading its machines, it is the right time to invest in interactive exercise equipment, with their ergonomic built and wide range of activities. Give your patrons more alternatives with modern-day fitness solutions. Call us today at Exergames and let us help you find the right pieces of equipment for your gym.

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