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Exergaming: A Tool for ADHD, Behavioral, & Emotional Issues
Exergaming: A Tool for ADHD, Behavioral, & Emotional Issues

By Dan Lawler, PhD and Bev Bachman, M.Ed. “Schools can be an excruciating experience for kids with ADHD,” notes John Ratey, MD, of Harvard Medical School and author of SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. It’s not that students with ADHD can’t focus, but that they can’t focus on command. They are wired differently and working…

The Underused Tool for Education – Exergame Transforms the Classroom

Although research shows that exercise activates the attention system, increases focus, modulates mood, and enhances learning, it remains an underused tool in education. When teachers and students better understand how to work with the physiology of one’s body, the educational experience is optimized. This is especially true for students with behavioral issues such as ADHD.   Our response to students with…

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