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Playground Fitness Equipment

Giving kids the opportunity to have fun while getting fit.

The Playground fitness equipment from Exergame Fitness is a great way to entertain your kids and keep them active. By providing fun and unique activities and exercises for your kids, you can keep them motivated to grow up loving a more active lifestyle. From our Play Wall to our MotionMagix Floor, we know that your kids will love playing in the Exergame Fitness playground. Call us today to learn more about this fun and healthy activity for your kids!

Why Choose Exergame Fitness Playground Equipment?

  • Designed for kids 10 and younger.
  • A comfortable space for kids to play.
  • Fun fitness tools that motivate and engage.
  • Made for all ages and abilities.
  • Fully customizable to meet your specific needs
1 to 10 age kids playground equipment

A Place Of Their Own

The Exergame Playground Ages 1-10yrs.

Give kids the opportunity to get fit with Exergame Fitness. The Exergame Playground is the place where kids ages one to ten years old go to have fun while learning and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Exciting kids’ fitness games motivate them toward active play and movement, which has kids wanting to come back for more.

The philosophy behind Exergame Playground is to give these kids a place of their own; a place where they can feel comfortable and enjoy the time they spend at the club as much as mom and dad do. The key to creating members for life is to engage them early and often. Exciting exercises for kids will motivate them toward a lifestyle that’s filled with active play and movement, which will create fit kids that turn into fit adults.

Any child one through ten will enjoy these kids fitness games because it creates a fun and engaging environment. From the creation of these games and exercises for kids, children will always associate a healthy lifestyle with something positive and fun and this will push them to continue with Exergame Fitness well into adulthood. The addition of the interactive items listed below will only serve to enhance this unique experience.

Designed for 10 and Younger

With various systems and programs that encourage crawling, movement, climbing, and imagination.


A Comfortable Space

A place where they can feel comfortable, safe and enjoy the time they spend at the club as much as mom and dad do.


Fun Fitness Tools

What motivates and engages students like never before. They won’t even realize they are working out.


Kids of All Ages & Abilities

No matter how young a child is or what activity or skill level they have, this room offers a chance for every child to have fun while feeling accomplished. Everyone plays together but goes at their own pace.


Fully Customizable

Fully customizable room experience. From the equipment you order and where to place it to installing it all we provide a room that meets your exact specific needs.

3D image of Playground

Playground Room Products Include:

TWall 32

Train for power, agility, endurance, & more. As the most robust model, the TWall 64 is the largest TWall model with the most training surface available.

Motion Magix Floor

Turn any area into a virtual indoor playground that projects interactive graphics & sounds onto the floor. Perfect for child care, birthday party rooms, lobbies & more!

Railyard Fitness Obstacle Course

Develop global movement skills, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, poser, speed and improved posture.

CardioWall Compact Duo

Challenge yourself to a fun, high-intensity workout in just a few short minutes. CardioWall challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, reach, and think as they must follow and hit the different patterns of lighted pads.

Play Wall

Play Wall – an interactive children’s lighting panel, combining LED lighting with motion sensing technology to create a fun and exciting exercise and play environment.


iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game! Play on your own or share the fun with someone in multiplayer

Trailblazer Traverse

Children climb around the wall scoring points by pressing the grips as they light up. Scores are built up as the players become fitter and stronger.

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At Exergame Fitness, we're extremely passionate about helping professionals like you achieve better results when you teach, coach, or train. Helping you make the world a more active, healthy, and vibrant place is why we exist. This passion to help you guides our vision and mission, and it's why we are committed to being the easiest company in the industry with which to work.

Exergame Fitness, Technology and Game Play
Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide

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