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Dynavision D2 Vision Training System


What gets measured, gets results!

At Exergame Fitness, we’re proud to offer this fitness product to you and your facility. This product will help you be a better athlete because it focuses on areas many athletes in training may not consider. Unlike other reactive training systems, the Dynavision D2 is the only fitness system that incorporates a tachistoscope that increases the degree of focus and cognitive that is essential for producing the needed reactive results for top athletes. Unlike other fitness products, this system will focus on helping you focus and use your cognitive skills. This product is designed to help athletes improve and move toward a high-performance, which is what makes it such a unique system to use. For more information on this fitness product, reach out to us and provide further details.

About Dynavision

The Dynavision was developed to train sensory motor integration through the visual system. Designed for high-performance athletics training, it was soon discovered as an incredible evaluation tool for head injuries, concussions, and visual field-deficits. The Dynavision D2 Visuomotor with a Tachistoscope is the only system used by athletes, both professionals and amateurs in all sports for reactive/cognitive training and testing.

  About Dynavision

The Dynavision D2 has been recognized as the premier attention task recorder for over 25 years. Programmable options standard with Dynavision enable users to facilitate individualized programs for people of different ages, abilities, and conditions. The Dynavision is a versatile machine:

• Sports Performance Training
• Rehabilitation
• Concussion Management/Evaluation

  Key Features

•Lightweight and same large working area with upgraded lights flashing both red and green.
• Height adjustable and impact resistant
• 64 raised 3D targets arranged in 5 rings
• Targets adjustable: Location, Color, Frequency, and Duration
• Tachistoscope flashes numbers, letters, words, math, and icons

  Product Specifications


Required Items:
• Power Supply: 115 V- 50/60 Hz or 230 V- 50/60 Hz
• In Crate Box Dimensions: 70.5’’ X 53’’ X 17.25’’
• Out of Crate Dimensions: Light board in lowest position is 65.75’’ (Sticks out from wall about 7’’ due to wheels) Max Height 7’ 11.5’’ (95.5’’)
• Packaged Weight: 330 lbs
• Assembled Weight: 127 lbs
• 1 year complete warranty
• Printer- Compatible with any USB printer that supports Windows XP or Windows 7 Operating System
• Installation- Any wall mounting surface; wood, drywall, or masonry. Detailed installation instructions and hardware included. The D2 should be installed in an area with controllable lighting as it should be run at a low ambient light level.

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