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Group Dance System iDANCE Gets 32 Players Active
Group Dance System iDANCE Gets 32 Players Active

Designed for small or large groups of kids to seniors, and supports up to 32 users. iDANCE DDR Wireless Dance System features a high performance platform with the latest in wireless technology for game play. The easy to use platform can be taken in any room and ready to play in the matter of minutes. The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE 2…

End of Year Exergame Specials 2018

As we look to wrap up 2018, we tend to run specials on some of our TOP items here at Exergame.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of donors, tax write offs, and capital campaigns.  See what Exergame has available for you to kick off 2019! tWall–  This interactive wall gave is a universal training tool provides a fantastic…

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