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New tWall Interactive Comes with 40+ Games
New tWall Interactive Comes with 40+ Games

The tWALL 64 is an interactive touch wall that helps improve participants reaction speed, coordination, motor skills, endurance and decision-making processes. This interactive high-tech wall uses light-up targets that are deactivated by touching them. With over 40+ included game programs, and the ability to create your own custom games, the wall can be used in a variety of ways from…

Iowa State Implements Dynavision for Optimal Athletic Performance

Back at the end of the year Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa; was one of the new owners of the Dynavision D2 from Exergame Fitness. DynaVision, the light-training reaction device, developed to train sensory motor integration through the visual system. The increased ability to receive visual stimuli, mentally process this information, then react to it with a motor response,…

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