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Military Youth Center Adds Exergaming to Club
Military Youth Center Adds Exergaming to Club

At the JB Charleston Youth Center, they offer a wide range of programs for youth and teens, including youth sports and recreation programs, educational programs and programs that support leadership and career development. School Age Care is available through the installation Youth Centers, providing care for children in elementary to middle school ages. Recently we were able to integrate some…

YMCA of South Palm Beach County Use iDANCE DDR System in Youth Fitness

The Y’s After School child care program provides more than simply supervision; by combining academics with play, the Y offers a caring and safe environment where youth can achieve, feel a sense of belonging, build friendships and explore new interests. As part of the “Move to Play” program, they focus on teambuilding, participation, free play, proper form, and inclusivity.  Which Exergaming…

School District Purchases Multiplayer DDR System for Large Groups

Gods Lake is a lake in northeastern Manitoba in Canada. The God’s Lake Narrows First Nation School is always looking for new ideas, options, and exercises for kids as a part of their Physical Education program. While providing fun outdoor options, they also wanted to bring in a sense of interactive fitness gaming for their students. Within the school, they…

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