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End of Year (Double) Sales Specials 2022
End of Year (Double) Sales Specials 2022

Every year Exergame likes to offer some of the best and most exciting products at a discounted price for those facilities that would like to start 2023 with a new kind of fitness.  With increasing prices with most products in 2023, this is what we consider to be a DOUBLE DISCOUNT! Not only will you receive a certain percentage off…

Hong Kong Cricket Club Adds Interactive Fitness Gaming Options

The Hong Kong Cricket Club is situated in the heart of Hong Kong Island surrounded by the hills and greenery of Wong Nai Chung Gap. The Club is rich in history but has kept pace with the times. Members can enjoy a host of sports and activities – from Cricket to Tennis, from Bridge and Yoga – encompassed in a modern…

PEP Grant Winner Riverdale School District Installs Interactive Fitness

  The Riverdale School District is a small school district in southwest Wisconsin, but always has BIG PLANS for their Physical Education program.  The District has a  commitment to creating quality, personalized learning rooted in rich curriculum and innovative learning opportunities.  One of the largest impacts they have had on the school district over the past few years was becoming…

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