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Why Exergame Fitness Equipment?

Recent industry publications have named Exergaming and the youth fitness markets one of the fastest growing and most profitable groups of people and trends in the health and fitness world.

Exergame is a part of the Fitness 2.0 movement for the health and wellness industry. Fitness 2.0 describes fitness as moving from static to interactive. Fitness 2.0 is the new way to get fit, and have fun while doing it. Play, have fun, be engaged, share, experience. 

Exergames Work:

  • It engages people.
  • It is fun entertainment.
  • It promotes exercise for any ability level and any age.
  • It is the perfect stepping stone to experience what being fit feels like.
  • Hundreds of communities have experienced the benefits.


When Exergaming products came to the market, most companies in the beginning ordered just a few products to start with. As the industry grew and Exergaming became more popular, we are now seeing full conceptual room designs and new business dedicated just to Exergaming products. Right now is the best time to open an Exergaming location because of the popularity of the rooms and the proven products that are getting the health benefits that are needed in today’s world.

  • Fact: 68% of Americans are considered Overweight or Obese.
  • Fact: 68% of American Households Play Video Games.
  • Fact: Obesity and Video Games are equally prevalent in our Country.
  • Solution: Play the Games – but MOVE in order to play.

The Interactive Computer Game market is around $35 billion. The Exergame brands is the only company that offers commercial solutions for all ages and abilities, and has a complete solution from Design, Products, Marketing, Installation, Training and Service.

Why Exergames are needed for the Youth Fitness market:
Childhood Obesity and Inactivity are one of the greatest health threats. The professional industry (Government, University’s, Schools, non-profits, health-care) realize that something needs to be done and they will make a major initiative toward accomplishing the problem. Exergame will be the solutions provider for the industry.

Why Exergames are needed for the Fitness Industry:
The Exercise Equipment industry is a $4.7 billion market composed of Consumer and Institutional products. Exergame mission is to be a resource for health and fitness, by providing products and information. The Interactive Fitness products provide motivation and engagement among members which can lead to life long habits.

Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide

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