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2011 Games for Health Recap

The 2011 Games for Health Conference in partnership with the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation on May 18-19 continued to highlight the very best in gaming technologies. During the conference events on mobile games, games accessibility, and game-based medical learning, modeling, and simulation were all part of learning and networking experiences for industry leaders.   During this event Motion Fitness in a combined effort with many other companies provided participants with an in depth look into some of the top of the line exergame/active gaming products in the country.

Motion Fitness is on the forefront in an effort to combine Gaming, Entertainment and Fitness into a means of engaging physical activity.  By making fitness interactive, fun and rewarding we change the dynamics and now have fitness as an addictive physically played game.  Motion Fitness combines the best in Exergaming products, all with the goal of developing critical characteristics for growth (hand-eye-mind-body-sensory integration).

Accompanying Motion Fitness at this event with some of their products on display was Ubisoft, Makoto, Red Hill Studios, Exerbike, iDANCE, Gamercize and was sponsored by HopeLabs.

Ubisoft a leading creator, publisher and distributor of video games, has grown considerably over the past two decades as a result of our strategy centered on the creation of strong brands, in-house development, and a vast global distribution network.  During the time at Games for Health Ubisoft displayed their Just Dance 2 game along with a sneak peak at Just Dance Kids.

The Makoto 2 was also in attendance to demonstrate some of their newest games!  Did you know that the brain benefits of playing Makoto have been shown to increase math and reading speeds? There are also specific games to help players with ADD or AD/HD to improve their focus and concentration. Top athletes and the military train on Makoto to improve their quickness and reaction time. Why? Because Makoto’s impact on the human brain is like ramping up the operating speed on a super computer!

Red Hill Studios designs and produces interactive media, physical therapy games, educational games, simulations, novel user interface devices, video presentations and evaluation tools. They specialize in the smart development of playful software programs that encourage exploration and make learning fun.  Attendees at the event were able to see some of the games the specifically create for the Xbox Kinect.

With the Exerbike system it is pretty simple, Pedal to play! The “Exerbike” is a commercial-grade game bike designed to bring competitive fun and stunning Playstation graphics back into kids’ interactive fitness. Using the superior power and technology of the Playstation 3, users can play their favorite racing, boating, motorcycle and biking games while achieving a great cardio workout without them knowing it. The interaction of the Exerbike user with the Playstation 3 games masks the overall feel of exercise. Once you hop onto the bike, the games pull you in visually and pedaling becomes second nature. This is a real fun and healthy alternative to traditional kids fitness.

The iDANCE 2 system is one of the first multiplayer dance systems of its time.  The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE system can deliver workouts similar to the cardiovascular workouts achieved by running or jogging and in some cases even stronger results because the fun element and the challenges that reside within the game stimulate the players to expend a greater effort than they would in running or jogging.

Lastly but of course not least the Gamercize System continued to amaze the Games for Health crowd with its technology.  Gamercize provides the motivation for keeping fit at home. Minimal interaction gives the flexibility to play any game the way it was designed to be played, and the ultimate distraction from physical effort.  Choose between the cycle or stepper for endurance training or maximum cardo fitness benefit. Keep exercising to maintain gameplay, stop and you will be prompted to get moving again to continue playing. You will exercise longer and harder when exercise is fun, so take the challenge and enjoy the results with the GZ Pro-Sport by Gamercize.

Motion Fitness would also like to thank Beth Bryant, Ben Sawyer, and the entire Games for Health team for putting on such a great event, without them this could not be possible.  We would also like to thank all our sponsors, vendors, and participants on this great show.  If you would like to join Motion Fitness and Games for Health next year save the date for June 8th-10th in Boston, MA…Hope to see you there!

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