Try not to look at the calendar; no seriously, if you are a fan of summer it will only depress you. Too late, you already snuck a peek and discovered September is just over a week away. You might be a little excited because you know this means the kids will be going back to school and football season will start, but it also means the lovely warm weather you are enjoying this very moment will give way to cold and possibly snowy conditions.

If you are from a part of the country where winter means cold and snow, your outdoor activity days are numbered. Many of you will be putting the mountain bikes away for the year and won’t be planning any long hikes until May or June. You are also probably scanning through the Netflix database to see what shows you want to binge this winter while hibernating on your couch eating popcorn.

Actually, that is the last thing you want to be doing.

It is as important as ever that you continue getting your allotted amount of weekly exercise, at least 150 minutes a week, minimum. And just because you can’t go outside isn’t a viable excuse, not when you can utilize active gaming as part of your exercise plan.

Besides keeping your weight down and keeping you in your current jean size, hitting the dance games, gaming bikes and floor games hold a number of benefits.

Reduced Stress

Have a rough day at the office? Take a quick trip to your gym and have a good workout on the active gaming bike. One of the most common mental benefits of exercise is in stress relief. Exercise not only reduces stress, it also boosts your ability to deal with existing tension.


When you engage in dance games, not only do you feel great, you look great as well. Regardless of your size, exercise changes the perception you have of yourself. Instead of a blob who is sitting in the couch binge-watching television shows, you are doing your body good by giving it the exercise it needs.

Sharp Memory

Getting hot and sweaty increases the production of cells responsible for memory and learning. For this reason, you perform better at work and actually start winning at Games with Friends, but only if you hit the gym in the winter on a regular basis.

Creativity is Tapped

Most people enjoy a hot shower after they workout, but they should be writing a novel or creating an artistic masterpiece. This is because working out supercharges creativity.

Sleep Better

If you are prone to tossing and turning at night, then hit the gym after work instead of flopping on the couch with the television remote. You see, exercise promotes getting to sleep quicker and better quality sleep throughout the night. You then wake well-rested, bright-eyed and raring to go in the morning.

With all of these wonderful benefits, it is difficult to understand why anyone wouldn’t want to add interactive fitness into their life.

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