Using a vast selection of productive activities and top-notch audio-visual equipment, Lü interactive converts conventional educational settings into immersive and engaging locations. The Lü Interactive Playground transforms standard gyms into dynamic learning environments, inspiring students of all ages to move about. With Lü, schools may increase participation and teamwork among students during physical education, ensuring that no student is left behind in class.

What functions does the Lü Interactive Playground have?

Although Lü’s hardware offers interactivity, the programs motivate use. The ecosystem of the Lü Interactive Playground is a component of the package, and it regularly releases new programs on top of the 30 or so that are already included with the Lü. These programs combine intellectual and physical activities so students can review additional material while exerting physically.

What are Lü Interactive set-ups offered?

There are three different Lü Interactive Gym configurations: Uno, Duo, and Mobile. Here is a brief overview of all three:


The Uno is perfect for smaller gatherings because it projects a single interactive display. It includes all the tools required to hang and install the system and everything else needed to run the Lü. It also has two controlled lights for creating bespoke effects, two 1000W speakers, and six static lights for extra lighting.


With two projectors, two 3D cameras, double the lighting, and double the audio, The Duo offers the ultimate Lü Interactive Gym experience. A second remote control is also provided to control both systems at once.

The Duo is ideal for big classrooms using the Lü’s additional features. This is due to the Duo’s inclusion of different applications, such as team-based games that encourage more incredible rivalry or collaboration.


A primary module for the projector and camera, two light brackets, and two speakers are among the five components that make up the Mobile. The Mobile offers the Lü Interactive experience in a portable, set-up-friendly design. The Lü Mobile may be completed and ready to use in 20 minutes.

Applications of Lü interactive:


Dojo goes through a set of “cards” that involve physical activity, making it a great warm-up program. Students must carry out the action specified on each card as it is drawn, such as jumping or performing pushups.


Danza transforms aerobic exercise into a playful dance by encouraging students to imitate the movements of an on-screen instructor.


A straightforward, incredibly flexible tool called Target flashes targets on the screen. To continue the game, students must strike the target with a ball to activate lights and sound effects.


Before throwing the ball at the correct response, students must perform quick mental calculations in the math-based Newton application. Students have options that they can transmit one after another to solve math problems as rapidly as they can.


In Puzz, pupils got a puzzle to put together by rotating the parts on the screen and hitting them with a ball. They have to depict the famous landmarks and natural wonders in the puzzle images.


Students have the responsibility of spelling a word by hitting letters with a ball in the game Mineword.

Students are responsible for spelling a word in Mineword by striking letters with a ball. The term is illustrated, allowing pupils to determine which letters they need quickly.


Retro-inspired asteroids must be shot down in Galactic using a ball before they reach too close. You can play Galactic in groups, motivating students to cooperate to keep the asteroids at bay for as long as possible.


Physics involves solving physics puzzles by using a ball to strike the appropriate object and assisting the mouse Mozart in reaching his cheese. It encourages students to work in groups because careful planning and goal-setting are necessary.


For younger pupils, Zoo is ideal because it’s an open-ended program with straightforward mechanics. The Zoo reacts to a pupil hitting the screen with a ball by showing a cute animal where the ball landed. Young children will adore the visual effects produced if the animal is struck once more before it vanishes. There are many more, including fundamental features like a scoreboard or timer to support other activities.

What does the lu interactive playground contains?

The Lu Interactive Playground comes in three different variants, and each one works with a professional-grade WXGA projector, a 3D camera, a computer, lighting, speakers, and remote control. With the high-resolution projector, Lu can display a dynamic image on a wall up to 20 feet long and 11 feet high. The 3D camera can identify many items simultaneously, and Lu applications effectively use this feature.

While a session is taking place, you can modify the lighting and audio in the Lu Interactive Playground to create different effects. For instance, if a learner achieves the desired result, the lighting in the playground may change color or flash to indicate accomplishment.

With speakers, the Lu Interactive Playground is ideal for schools looking to modernize their acoustics. However, you can use Lu with your current speakers if you like.

Primary features

The essential elements of each Lü arrangement are:

  • Giant wall projection: Large, vivid images produced by projectors of the highest caliber. Shielded by a unique enclosure.
  • 3D camera: Our 3D camera system transforms the enormous wall projections into touchscreens that recognize various items.
  • Illumination and audio system: Our light and sound design provide ambient lighting and potent music to complete the immersion.

Who can assist with setting up and installing the Lü Interactive Playground?

Exergame fitness can assist with choosing, positioning, and setting up, and configuring the Lü Interactive Playground to ensure it is ready to use when lessons begin. To avoid technology getting in the way, our specialists may train your physical education department on the Lü.

The Lü Interactive transforms physical education lessons using tried-and-true interactive display technology and a tried-and-true pedagogical strategy. Lu motivates every student to exercise in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Upgrade your fitness center: lü comes with a growing selection of automatically and regularly updated applications.

Our staff is dedicated to creating engaging games and resources that kids and adults alike will enjoy using. We develop all our products utilizing a systematic process incorporating essential elements of whole child development. The International Baccalaureate’s highest standards and the most recent academic research form the foundation of our methodology.

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