By transforming standard gymnasiums into active learning environments, the Lu interactive playground promotes physical activity among students of all ages while reinforcing other academic abilities. With Lü, schools can increase participation and teamwork among students during physical education, ensuring that no student is left behind in class. According to the CDC, only 20% of kids between the ages of six and 18 participate in 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. Lu interactive aims to change that.

When provided appropriately, physical education lessons may tackle this issue and assist children in getting the reccomended amount of exercise, lowering obesity rates and encouraging well-being. With its engaging games, activities, lights, and music, the Lü Interactive Gym gives physical education teachers the resources they need to get everyone moving.

Benefits of Lu interactivity

Recent research has revealed that fitness and active gaming are advantageous for kids in various ways, some of which are more unexpected than others. Lu Interactive and similar games help kids become more agile and coordinated while providing required daily activities. Active games have also been shown to help kids do better academically, like other fitness exercises. The following are some advantages for kids that play active video games:

Loss of weight

In recent decades, young children’s obesity and a lack of physical activity have reached pandemic levels in western nations. Obesity has a lot of detrimental impacts on children, including a decrease in their self-esteem and motivation. It also raises their risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Children and teenagers’ declining physical activity levels are frequently attributed to video games, computers, television, and other screen-based activities. However, you can aid weight loss with fitness gaming and interactive exercise. While the amount of energy expended varies depending on the game’s difficulty, research has shown that playing active video games has a slight but noticeable impact on children who are obese or overweight and that the amount of time spent playing active games tends to rise.

Although longer-term studies of specific Fitness Games are not yet available, those that have been done so far demonstrate that children can indeed lose weight and improve their body composition through the moderate exercise needed to complete tasks and the reduction of sedentary activity and everything that usually goes along with it.

Improved physical abilities and fitness

Depending on the skill level of the players, the amount of energy used in fitness gaming or active gaming is equivalent to that of moderate or strenuous exercise. Lu Interactive and other active games can dramatically increase kids’ agility, motor skills, cardiovascular endurance, and sensory-motor learning, just like any other form of exercise that positively impacts health. Balance is believed to be improved by up to 30% over time by playing active games that require players to jump and keep their balance. Balance, quicker reflexes, endurance, coordination, and speed are physical abilities you can develop through fitness gaming or active gaming. These abilities also can increase children’s physical activity and inspire them to participate in sports and other traditional kinds of exercise because they are transferable to other activities. Later, this helps their physical, mental, and social growth even more.

Social advantages

Children who are timid or introverted often find it challenging to participate in group activities and, as a result, may not always get enough exercise to keep healthy. Active gaming can be incredibly enticing to these kids. They can play games and exercise without leaving the house, thanks to fitness and dynamic gaming. In a group workout, it helps if the participants concentrate on the on-screen arrows and do not allow their concentration to stray from finishing the task to their body or performance compared to others. This can be freeing for kids who are overly self-aware or not very athletic. Children’s development and competence level can also positively impact their self-esteem without the competition and pressure to perform as a team associated with other group activities. In addition, playing active games can lift your mood and lower stress levels, just like any other form of exercise.


Fitness gaming and active gaming are popular to help children do better academically by creating new neural connections that boost memory, learning, and critical thinking. Reading scores are 17% higher than the state norm, math scores are 18% better than the state average, and the grade average has increased by 1.5 grades at schools that have incorporated fitness gaming and active gaming into their programs. As a side note, schools that use fitness games to raise their kids’ morning activity levels observe a dramatic decline in delinquency. Fitness gaming, active gaming, and other aerobic activity improve neurological and physiological processes, boost neurotransmitter availability, and increase cerebral blood flow, improving cognitive function. Children get more robust processing, concentration, and task-switching abilities when playing Lu Interactive and other games of a similar sort. All of these elements can and frequently do lead to improved academic achievement.

What lu interactive playground contains?

The Lu Interactive Playground comes in three different variants, and each one works with a professional-grade WXGA projector, a 3D camera, a computer, lighting, speakers, and remote control.

With the high-resolution projector, Lu can display a dynamic image on a wall up to 20 feet long and 11 feet high. The 3D camera can detect multiple items simultaneously, and Lu applications extensively use this feature. While a session is taking place, you can modify the lighting and audio in the Lu Interactive Playground to create different effects. For instance, if a learner achieves the desired result, the lighting in the playground may change color or flash to indicate accomplishment.

With speakers, the Lu Interactive Playground is ideal for schools looking to modernize their acoustics. However, you can use Lu with your current speakers if you prefer.

Who can help with the lu interactive playground’s setup and installation?

Exergame Fitness is happy to offer Lu Interactive Playground to schools for use in their playgrounds to foster children’s development through engaging, fun games. Each Lu Interactive Playground outfits with a vast wall projection, a 3D camera, a light, and audio system, and other features to keep kids engrossed in the game. Give us a call right away!

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