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Brandywine YMCA Uses Exergaming to Fight Childhood Obesity

The Brandywine YMCA is an association of people of all agesand ethnic groups that strive to cultivate the human potential, self- esteemand dignity of all people. The Brandywine YMCA is an organization that exists toenrich the emotional, physical and social life of all individuals, families andour community.

When it comes to trying to find something that can beemotional, physical, AND social you will not find something more involved thanthat of Exergaming.  Exergaming inspiresphysical activity through the most cutting-edge active game experience.  It ties in emotionally by being somethingthat can engage its participants in excitement, happiness, and euphoria tofinally finding something that they enjoy, and keeps them active!  With so many different multiplayer optionsthat cross different generations you will be amazed to see the social aspectsthat are developed through these products.

During the time that the Brandywine YMCA was looking forsomething that could engage these 3 aspects they contacted the leader in the Exergame/ActiveGame Industry Exergame Fitness.  It wasthrough this thorough consultation that they decided on 3 of the top ExergamingProducts; iDANCE, Freedom Climber, and Lightspace.

The iDANCE2 Multi-Player Dance system has a variety offeatures that set it apart as a truly unique experience and make it ideal forfitness centers, schools, YMCAs, park districts, leisure centers and any otherplace with a need for group play/group fitness.  It is unique in manyfacets including the fact that it provides the user with a combination of physical,social and cognitive benefits and that it accommodates up to 32-players at onceon up to 3 separate difficulty levels with real-time performance feedback.

The Freedom Climber provides all the benefits of climbingwithout the risk of falling.  Beingnon-motorized, it requires no electricity or batteries to operate. It extendsout from your wall only 8 inches and the 90 inch climbing surface rotatesquietly clockwise or counter-clockwise being governed by a patent pendingmechanism that is virtually maintenance free. Now, even with limited space, afitness facility, recreation center, school or even a home or office can offera climbing experience that is free from a safety harness or ropes. No risk. Nostrings.  The Freedom Climber providesall the benefits of continuous climbing, such as core muscle development,cardiovascular improvement, stamina, and hand/eye coordination, without therisk of falling from dangerous heights.

Lightspace Play is a revolutionary entertainment system thatcombines the latest display and interactive technologies to produce arecreational experience that will provide hours of fun for children and adultsof all ages. The system is capable of storing and running a potentiallylimitless variety of games and interactive programs that can be used by anynumber of participants simultaneously.

If you are interested in making your YMCA, or similar fitnesslocation more about having an emotional, physical, and social environment thanExergaming may be for you!  We have workedwith thousands of YMCA’s, JCC’s, Park Districts, and Schools across the countryand look forward to hearing from you!


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