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Chicago Bulls Sox Exergame Academy – Grand Opening

In light of the recent publicity of the growing obesity epidemic the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox Training Academy has found a new way to fight the cause through their partnership with Motion Fitness, one of the leaders in the Exergaming industry.  Exergaming is a term used for video games that are also a form of exercise.

In recent years Exergaming, also known as Active Gaming, has started to gain popularity not only amongst children, but adults as well as a new way to exercise.  The Chicago Bulls and White Sox Training Academy has decided to use the Power of Play and its brands to introduce youth to positive role models and encourage healthy, active lifestyles.  In a partnership with Motion Fitness they will be holding the Grand Opening for the Vault Exergame Academy in April.  During that time current and former Bulls and White Sox players will be able to experience the very best the active gaming company, Motion Fitness, has to offer.

The NBA Chicago Bulls and MLB Chicago White Sox are proud to offer what will be an entirely new experience for the youth of the Chicagoland area.  The Training Academy will host educational fitness field trips for local schools, community events, birthday parties, lock-ins, as well as corporate companies looking for new ways to sponsor and revitalize a nation that has an ever expanding obesity problem.

Over the last few years through Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign the country has started to realize that nutrition, health, and fitness are vital parts to how the United States can perform academically in schools.  Professional sport teams are leaders in engaging kids and keeping them active throughout their lifetime.  The NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS has used their star power throughout our countries history to inspire children to not only try new ways to keep their minds sharp, but to keep their bodies fit as well.  Through the partnership and the use of Active Gaming and Exergame products, schools will be able to bring their children to the Bulls White Sox Academy to learn about what are the right foods to eat, the importance of exercise, and how interactive fitness gaming products can be an outlet to stay active.

A new study led by Brigham Young University concludes that video “exergames” can get exercise-averse kids off the couch and moving.

“These types of video games can increase physical activity to a moderate to vigorous level, assuming the appropriate games and levels are chosen,” said Bruce Bailey, an assistant professor of exercise science at BYU says.  He adds, “Although exergaming is most likely not the solution to the epidemic of reduced physical activity in children, it appears to be a potentially innovative strategy that can be used to reduce sedentary time, increase adherence to exercise programs, and promote enjoyment of physical activity. This may be especially important for at-risk populations, specifically children who carry excess body weight.”

The Bulls Sox Exergame Vault will host some of the top Exergame and Active Gaming products.  The featured products will include Lightspace Play Floor, Lightspace Play Wall, Expresso Fitness, Makoto, Exerbike, Freedom Climber, Trazer2, Railyard Fitness, Cobalt Flux, Humane Flooring, Treadwall, GameCycle, SoundTube, HopSports, XaviX, Gamercize, iDANCE.

Ed Kasanders, President of Motion Fitness says, “The Vault room is 100% attitude branding focused on movement, energy and social interaction.  It creates the ultimate experience and room environment for kids, adults and seniors to use the Power of Play to be physically active.  We are honored that the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox Training Academy has taken the first steps in bringing Exergaming and Active Gaming products to the forefront of fighting childhood obesity.”

Motion Fitness has been known over the last 10 years to bring the best interactive gaming products that combine movement, academics and positive group interaction into Exergaming and Active Gaming Rooms across the country.  This exciting, fun and research based environment creates a model behavior change and brings a major impact on the lifelong lessons we need to look at as the cause for a country that has a growing epidemic of childhood obesity and inactivity.  By finding different ways to focus the children of today on the benefits of Exergaming and Active Gaming, we are changing the culture at an early age not only for this generation, but for future generations as well.

If you would like to know more information about your company or organization can become part of a new initiative to fight obesity please contact Ed Kasanders at 877-668-4664 or


About the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox Training Academy

The mission of the Bulls/Sox Training Academy is to create a fun, safe, and invigorating environment, teaching the games of basketball, baseball, and fastpitch softball, maximizing the skills and building of self esteem of each boy and girl with who we have contact.  We are dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of our customers while providing our employees with a meaningful and positive work environment.  As a result, we expect to grow the love for our games in our community and create new Bulls and White Sox fans each and every day.

Contact: Xan Pearson:

About Motion Fitness

Motion Fitness is an Innovative Active Lifestyle Company. Creating industry leading products, solutions and partnerships through Fitness, Exergaming and Active Game Play.

Our four business divisions merge together to create and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fitness: is what our end goal is. We want people to experience what it feels like to be healthy and fit and to make a long sustainable lifestyle choice.

Exergaming: is a great tool to motivate people to participate and engage through games.

The Vault: is our whole room Exergame club experience full of excitement.

Active GamePlay: is a way to track physical movement and is designed to encourage participants to lead an active lifestyle through fun, interactive, online games.

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