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The City of Largo has a couple of recreation/health club facilities around town. A while back they decided to invest in Lightspace Play Surfaces, a product extremely similar to our T-Wall line. Unfortunately for the City of Largo the owner of the company and the products themselves would fail them and soon be abandoned. Which is not a good feeling to have as a business owner or member of the club.

Luckily for the City of Largo, we at Exergame Fitness contacted them, started the conversation about Exergaming, and found a solution to assist them. Simply put, their Lightspace Play Wall and Floor will be getting replaced by some Exergame Fitness products. Our T-Wall 32 will replace the Lightspace Play Wall and the EyePlay Floor will be replacing the Lightspace Play Floor. Both products being replaced by better versions; reliable, tough, and simple.SAMSUNG CSC

This product mix is perfect for the City of Largo not only because it will replace some faulty/broken down equipment, but it will serve and meet a multitude of needs that were not being met before with the Lightspaces. The T-Wall 32 will be useful for adults and older teens for more HIT workouts, whereas the EyePlay Floor will serve the younger kids, keeping them occupied and active. They will now have new, working machines that are reliable and will add more variety to the gym space. We use this example all the time for YMCAs that get Exergaming rooms, but it works just as well here; when a parent goes to the gym they sometimes need to have their kid with them. To have a space or area for their children to play, be active, have fun, and most importantly be safe, is a big benefit for a member at your club. City of Largo will certainly experience this with their new interactive fitness equipment and in the future will hopefully see a bigger variety of members join.

We look forward to installing the equipment for the City of Largo, and we will follow up with a post when we do so. Follow us on social media, search @exergamefitness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Also follow the hashtags #interactivefitness and #exergaming for the latest news in the Exergaming world!

DISCLAIMER: A warning to those who look at Lightspace Play surface products, be wary. City of Largo is not the first or the last organization to have major flaws and problems with their equipment and not get any support/help. The company who makes this product is called The Active Gaming Company, and again should be avoided because of other people in the industry’s experiences.

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