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Exerbike-Stimulating Physical Activity in our Youth

One of the most important things in today’s society is finding different ways to engage kids of all ages in physical activity.  While you may not see a child volunteer to go jump on a traditional exercise bike, you will see the RUN to the Exerbike.

Pedal to play! It’s really that simple. The USA made “Exerbike” is a commercial-grade game bike designed to bring competitive fun and stunning Playstation graphics back into kids’ interactive fitness. Using the superior power and technology of the Playstation 3, users can play their favorite racing, boating, motorcycle and biking games while achieving a great cardio workout without them knowing it. The interaction of the Exerbike user with the Playstation 3 games masks the overall feel of exercise. Once you hop onto the bike, the games pull you in visually and pedaling becomes second nature. This is a real fun and healthy alternative to traditional kids’ fitness.

“The Exerbike is always one of the most popular items in YMCA’s, JCC’s, Fitness Centers and more.  Just the idea of allowing kids to play their favorite Playstation Racing game entices the child.  Throw in the added element of exercise and you have what many might consider the perfect Active Gaming Product,” says Parker Johnson, Project Manager of Motion Fitness.

Equipped with “Magnetic Resistance Technology”, the user will be provided with a smooth and efficient workout. Just turn the dial from left to right adjusting the resistance setting. Perfect from kids to seniors, the Exerbike has a unique “step thru” design that allows any user to enter and exit the bike without having to straddle the machine in order to sit down, as you do with most upright cycles. Simply “step thru,” sit down, pedal and play.

Both portable and durable, the Exerbike is perfect for YMCA’s, schools, park districts, and any other health and wellness formats that are using Exergaming or general fitness products. The Exerbike is housed in a sleek black shroud that contours the user’s body tapered with high resolution graphics and silver framing, giving it a futuristic look that grabs kids’ attention. The sturdy design of the Exerbike can allow players to play as hard and as fast as they can. The Exerbike houses two commercial-grade wheels mounted to the bike’s back frame, making it a snap to move. Easily lift the front of the bike and pull away.

The steering mechanism stimulates riding a bike. In order to turn, you have to physically turn the handlebars and reset them to the middle to move ahead. Similar products reset to the center for the user, which is unnatural.  The Exerbike has the perfect feel to simulate riding an actual bike.

For more information on the Exerbike and all other Exergaming products contact the the active gaming company Exergame Fitness.

Video on what the Exerbike

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