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Exerfit Family Fitness Center Brings Exergame To Their Members

Exerfit Family Fitness in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will be starting the 2013 summer off with a new addition to their family fitness center, a state of the art Exergame room! This is an exciting new element and is part of the Fitness 2.0 movement where technology and exercise are integrating.  Exerfit has been a Baton Rouge recreation community center for families to come and bring their children for a full fitness experience.  Offering programs for children and adults alike, Exerfit’s mission is to bring families together by encouraging well being through knowledge, exercise, activity, and self-esteem.
Exerkid, the program that Exerfit offers for children, is focused on self-competitiveness and improvement on personal achievements and goals. One of the important aspects to the Exerkid program is that everyone is encouraged to compete against themselves versus keeping up with the ability level of others.   This model of physical activity is also being adopted in a small number of PE programs at schools across the country and teaches the value of lifetime fitness over that of sports and ability levels.  Children have different ability levels and when they are required to compete against a more athletic child in a game of basketball for instance, they may be easily discouraged to participate. But when a child competes against oneself, their feeling of accomplishment increases. Exerfit discovered that Exergaming fits right into their overall mission.
The Exergame room that will be opening in May brings a new and exciting element to the Exerkid program.  The Exergame room, called the Youth X room, is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 14 and creates an interactive engaging fitness experience.    Using the latest in Exergame equipment, the room is designed for full circuit training that improves motor skills, agility, balance, hand eye coordination, cardio, and strength.   Exergaming takes away the mentality that you are working out, and replaces it with having fun.  The end result is that children maintain a moderate to vigorous activity level for 60 minutes without focusing on the exercising side and instead focusing on the gamified experience which Exergaming brings. For children Exergaming is a game, and not exercise.   An important aspect to the Exergame room is that all activity in the room is being tracked and logged individually for each child.  Using the activity tracking as points collection, children are able to set goals, reach those point levels, and receive rewards based on their accomplishments.  Exerfit will be able to print out a childs activity progress and show the parents how much activity and calories their child has burned while Exergaming.
The Exerfit Youth X Exergame room is scheduled to open to the public in May of 2013. With summer camps starting May 27th and continuing up until August 2nd, Exerfit is going to have a jam packed active summer getting kids and parents fit.   For more information about Exerfit Family Fitness, their summer camps, and fitness programs, please visit their website Exerfit Family Fitness Center To find out how your facility can benefit from Exergaming, please visit our website at Exergame Fitness

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