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Exergame Fitness Announces Strategic Partnership With XRtainment Zone To Provide Exergaming Wellness Programming


Exergame Fitness Announces Strategic Partnership With XRtainment Zone To Provide Exergaming Wellness ProgrammingPalatine, IL – October 10, 2008 – The growing epidemic of Childhood Obesity and Inactivity among kids, teens and adults has prompted the need for entertaining game based fitness solutions that engage users – called Exergames.Two USA companies that have pioneered the Exergaming industry have now joined forces to offer the largest selection of tested Exergaming products, along with medically proven programming to help fight the raging epidemic of obesity around the world. The new programming division is called “XRGame Zone – Exergame Fitness Programming.

“The Exergame market has a growing number of product solutions that have had a great amount of success in keeping people of all ages and ability levels active through the experience of playing games. The critical next stage is to provide Programs and Curriculum based services that offer complete turn-key solutions for Exergaming locations.XRGame Zone’s in-depth programming will be headed by Dr. Ernie Medina Jr. DrPH and business partner Joel Peterson J.D. For years Dr. Medina has been the leader when it comes to the Exergaming market. His unconditional pursuit to helping fight childhood obesity thru means of Exergaming is un-matched in the industry.

Dr. Medina adds, “XRtainment Zone is very excited about the new strategic collaboration with Exergame Fitness” said Dr. Ernie Medina, Jr., cofounder of XRtainment Zone. “With Exergame Fitness’ expertise in exergaming product distribution and facility design combined with XRtainment’s one of a kind exergame and wellness programming, we believe we can offer a complete Exergame and wellness solution that will positively impact the health of kids, adults and seniors around the world.”

Exergame Fitness is the country’s largest distributor of Exergame fitness products. The proven and tested products have been installed in over 600 locations around the world; including: YMCA’s, Schools, Park Districts, Hospitals, JCC’s, Kids Fitness Zones and Health Clubs.

Ed Kasanders, President of Motion Fitness adds, “We have watched Dr. Ernie Medina and have followed his journey thru the Exergaming market for sometime now. Ernie is truly a leader when it comes to this industry. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge because of his amazing networking capabilities and his drive for providing proven programming that works.”

“The Strategic Partnership is an ideal fit, so we can offer the best of everything to our customers from concept to a successful long-term Exergame program that stands alone as a business model or is integrated into an existing facility”, adds Kasanders.

For additional information visit the Exergame Fitness web-site,, or call 1-877-668-4664.Exergame Fitness is a division of Motion Fitness LLC. Since 1998 they have provided fitness, health and wellness products for consumer and commercial applications. Exergame Fitness provides Facility Planning & Installation, Grant & Funding Assistance, Program Design & Product Training, Turnkey Marketing Support, Free Layout Designs & Concepts, Programming Curriculums, Financing Options and more.

XRtainment Zone is a one of a kind family fun and wellness organization that offers kids of all ages a place where “working out is all play!” When exercise is fun, lasting healthy lifestyle habits can be established and obesity, cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle related illnesses can be prevented or reduced. XRtainment provides turnkey wellness programming which uses new interactive and video exercise games to make exercise fun, Through its innovative health techniques, wellness programming, and group training modules, XRtainment offers a highly effective and fun intervention to treat the multiple causes of lifestyle related diseases that currently plague modern families and society at large. Fitness centers, parks and recreation departments, senior centers, YMCA’s and others can now take advantage of this new, dynamic exercise program while increasing their return on investment. “Exergaming” is a term used for video games that also provide exercise. Exergames have one element of exercise and one element of gaming. Games fit in to the category of entertainment, and similarly Exergames are a category of Exertainment (formed from “exercise” and “entertainment”). Exertainment includes one aspect of innovation or entertainment to an exercise work out. To learn more about Exergaming, visit:

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