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We are elated that you are taking a big step forward into learning and/or providing Exergaming products & services at your facility! To have come this far we know you are very serious about opening a facility or are interested in adding new products to your Exergaming center. Please take some time to see how we can partner with your company providing you with the best & proven products, unique & professional services and a long-term relationship. We are 100% confident we can work with any size budget or need.

Exergaming Research, Product Testing and FREE Education Workshops:
Exergame Fitness is the world’s largest distributor & service provider of Exergaming and kids fitness products. We provide Facility Planning & Installation, Grant & Funding Assistance, Program Design & Product Training, Turnkey Marketing Support, Free Layout Designs & Concepts, Detailed Programming Curriculums, Financing Options and more. We offer the lowest prices on any of the products we carry backed by our 110% Lowest Price Guarantee.

Exergame Fitness is dedicated to providing low-cost solutions for business of any size. Our quick turnaround time for getting you products, designing your facility and supplying you with grant information is un-matched in the industry. We don’t just sell you products; we partner with your company and provide you with everything you need to make your experience a memorable one.

Exergame Fitness is located inside one of the largest YMCA’s in the country. At Buehler YMCA is Palatine Illinois, there are over 18,000 members and growing every year. The YMCA’s are the leader when it comes to Exergaming and having this showroom facility for our products helps us research, test, and hold monthly workshops for Exergaming facilities like yours.

Every single product we carry is thoroughly tested and approved so that you get the best possible products in the industry that will last, insuring your investment for years to come. The childhood obesity epidemic is very important for us to fight, so therefore it is necessary that our kids, teens, adults and seniors here really love these products just as much as we do. Delivering healthy based results is our number one goal with any product we carry.

Our Exergaming facility is located minutes from O’Hare airport and our Exergaming experts are available 7 days a week making it convenient for you to come try our products in a “real world environment”. We can sit down with you and your staff and offer you a course in Exergaming while going over your return on investment, program curriculums and intensive product training all on the same day. We never charge for sharing business knowledge or facility design and layout concepts. We will make sure that by the time you leave you will have all the knowledge & training we have so that you can make a smart and realistic purchasing decision when the time presents its self. No high pressure sales.

For all the latest information on Exergaming, please remember to always visit our website at Our website is consistently updated and loaded with many tested Exergaming products that can provide you with solutions for any situation. We carry a wide variety of products that are suitable for Kids Fitness (K-12), Teenagers, College Athletes, Senior Fitness, Military/Government, Special Needs, Rehabilitation & more.

No Licensing or Monthly Fees: We never charge licensing or monthly fees. Why should you pay money on a monthly basis when you are providing all the hard work & dedication of running your Exergaming room? We understand that you have worked hard to get this far, the last thing we want is to charge you. We are here to help you make memberships grow so YOU can make the money!

Our 110% Lowest Price Guarantee:
Exergame Fitness is here to get you the best tested products in the industry, and since we stock many of the items we carry & purchase in bulk, we can create lower margins and pass the savings directly to you. We offer the industries best, 110% Lowest Price Guarantee on anything we sell. Since we are the world’s largest distributor & service provider for Exergaming products, we offer the lowest prices guaranteed for 30 days or we credit your account 10% of the difference back. Price is never an issue! It’s the service and support that really counts. Our business is 80% based on referrals and making you a happy customer will bring us more customers. We have a network of over 500 locations that have our products and we let them do the talking!

Leaders from the Start:
Since Exergaming came to the forefront of the health industry, we were the first company to bring all of the separate products on the market together to design an “Exergaming Concept”. Long ago we had seen a need for these products and we waited to get enough products tested to create an Exergaming Concept that works. We don’t just sell products, we sell “proven products” that create a concept and gets fitness based results!

We have now implemented our Exergaming products into over 500 locations and growing every year. W also sell them globally to places such as Dubai, The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany and many more countries. We will also share any ideas with you that pertain to your business model from examples we have seen in the field by us installing products, or just dropping in to see what other places are doing.

Over 500 Locations Strong:
Our fitness and Exergaming products have been installed in over 500 locations around the United States. When Exergaming products came to the market, most companies in the beginning ordered just a few products to start with. As the industry grew and Exergaming became more popular, we are now seeing full conceptual room designs and new business dedicated just to Exergaming products. Right now is the best time to open an Exergaming location because of the popularity of the rooms and the proven products that are getting the health benefits that are needed in today’s world.

Media, Print & Advertising Assistance:
Our in house design team will help your company with print ads, media campaigns and any ideas you have to increase memberships. Let us know if you need help and we will be ready to assist you any way possible moving forward. We have the ability to search all local media outlets in your location helping with branding your Exergaming room when it is time to launch a full campaign for you. Our in-house design team has pre-designed posters and postcards that can be customized with your logo and branding so you can send out mass mailers. We want you to succeed so please feel free to use our experienced marketing staff to suit your needs. We do not charge for this service.

Website Assistance & Design:Need help with your website? Let us do the work for you. We have images, text and descriptions of all the products we carry and as a member of our Exergaming team, you will have exclusive access to all images and data we have for use on your website. If you are in need of a complete Exergaming website, our company has an in-house design team that can design and create a custom website for you if needed. For more details and pricing, ask one of our Exergaming experts at extension 1103.

Free Room Design & Layouts:At Exergame Fitness we never charge for room design layouts. Our experienced in-house graphics design team will work closely with you on your Exergame room concept, making sure all of the products are scaled to size according to your specifications and our recommendations. At the time of your design is started, our graphics team also works with your sales person and installer making sure your layout makes sense and that you are getting all the benefits of the room seen from every angle.

Comprehensive Installation & Training:
We will be installing all Exergaming equipment purchased from us in a timely manner, as well and providing your entire facility with comprehensive training to ensure you are completely educated on the products you purchase. Our certified technicians have been trained by each manufacture on the operations of each product as well as the knowledge to install them according to your specifications. After installation, our technician(s) will personally train you and your staff on how to maintain your products as well as providing you with unlimited customer support after installing & training. You can call anytime to get tips, advice or have any issue resolved quickly eliminating downtime. Installation and training is a “crucial part” of being successful for your Exergaming room and we pride our self on making sure you have the best possible training in the industry.

Ongoing Support (Post Sale):
After purchasing our Exergaming products, we will follow up with your company regularly to see how your investment and success of the club is going. We will be available to you & your staff seven days a week either by phone or cell phone to ensure your call or email is answered quickly. At the time of purchase you will be giving your very own technician along with contact info. We understand that your staff will need to be trained and retrained thru the year and we will be here to help out anyway we can making sure everyone at your company is trained and getting results. Exergame Fitness holds monthly workshops around the country throughout the year where you can bring new staff members or simply visit our facility for new trainees. If you need us to come out to your facility once a year for training & preventative maintenance, we do have an affordable “service package” that you can purchase from us. These are great for keeping your products running at top quality, preventing downtime and keeping your staff fully trained and educated on programming and curriculums.

Our Exergaming Advisory Board:
We work very close with top industry professionals, staying current with new products, program curriculums and designs. Our “Exergaming Advisory Board” is filled with some of the most elite professionals around the Exergaming world that are making huge strides with us to change the way kids get and stay fit.

Social Networking and Blogging Assistance:
We are always updating our social networking websites. These websites help us keep the positive results of what we are doing in-front of the masses. Our company can be reached on many different networking websites and we can help you with setting up your very own sites helping promote your company. The websites listed below are just a few of the best social networking websites you can find us on. All of them are free to sign up. Be sure to get a blog set up for your company. This helps with online search rankings.

Our Blog:

Tradeshow Networking & Passes:If your company is interested in attending any of the trade shows we are attending, we will order passes for you and a few colleagues to attend the show. On our website we will be listing all of the trade shows and places we will be attending or showing our Exergaming products. This is a great way of networking and seeing the latest and greatest products in the industry. Networking is a big part of your Exergaming success and will help you establish your Exergaming facility within the industry.

Our Leasing & Finance Program:
Exergame Fitness offers leasing by an exclusive company called “New Vision Leasing”. New Vision is independently owned and operated by seasoned professionals designed to work inside the “fitness industry” getting you the financial backing you need to open a kids fitness center or simply just to add on to an existing one. They have over 15 years in the leasing and financing industry and are affiliated with the finest and most competitive banks in the country getting you the best possible rates. The leasing process is easy and just takes a simple phone call to review your business plan and submit your information.

Why Lease?
Cash Flow: Cash is not tied up in equipment. Instead, money is available for opportunities such as marketing, working capital, or seasonal cash flow needs. Leasing allows you to conserve your cash for times when you need it most.
Convenience: The simple one-page application is easy and convenient. Our documentation is minimal and payments are simple to budget.

100% Financing: Leasing permits 100% financing with no down payment. You can include “soft” costs in your lease such as shipping, software, training, and installation.

Preservation of Credit Lines: A lease preserves bank lines of credit for working capital, seasonal requirements, other appreciating investment opportunities, or emergencies. Equipment leasing is like opening an additional line of credit.

Tax Benefits: Leasing provides a company with substantial tax advantages. Accelerated depreciation using IRS Section 179, plus interest write-off throughout the life of the lease.

Flexibility: Leasing is an extremely flexible financing tool, with longer terms up to 60 months, deferral programs, and customized payment plans.

Grant Assistance:
As part of our mission to promote youth health and activity, we’re happy to help connect organizations with grant opportunities. You’ll find helpful resource links, as well as a listing of grants that target health and education improvements for youth on our website. Also, if you are in search of a grant, we have pre-written grant templates we can email you. These grants explain about the obesity epidemic and all you need to do is to fill in your contact information and data. Just ask one of our Exergaming specialists about getting you more information on grant assistance.

Our Mission:
We are devoted to improving the fitness, performance, health, and well-being of all customers & clients. Our high-quality Exergaming products are designed to provide outstanding physical performance and a beneficial learning experience. We will continue to provide YMCA’s, JCC’s, Gov’t/Military, rehab centers, fitness professionals, physical educators, coaches, recreation directors, and all customers with the best performing, highest quality, and most durable Exergaming products available. Our products make it possible for professionals to efficiently and effectively reach their goals and for kids, teens and adults to reach their full potential. We stand behind all products we offer with an Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Warehouse:
Our state-of-the-art ordering, warehouse tracking, and shipment systems ensure that your order is correctly received, accurately processed, securely packed, and quickly shipped. Once we receive your approved order, it is run directly thru our customer service department along with your internal sales person so that your order is handled with top priority thru all aspects of the company. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority…always!

Customer Service:
Exergame Fitness customer service representatives are available to answer all of your product and service questions day and night. Most incoming phone calls are answered within 20 seconds. Continual training keeps our staff up-to-date on our wide range of products. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team members have the information and insight to help you select the products that meet your needs. We will ensure that you have a world class customer service and product ownership experience.

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