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‘Exergame’ gym targets 30-minute workouts at the family – Exergame Fitness

Circuit Wellness features stations such as an exercise bike connected to an ATV-riding Sony Playstation game.

Who would have thought that working out could be so much fun?

Circuit Wellness, a new gym located at 6754 Cleveland Ave., is hoping their 30-minute workout concept as well as “exergames” — video games that bring a workout for the gamer — will appeal to the entire family.

Owner Polly Benson, who lives in Westerville with her husband and three children, said everyone except bodybuilders training for the Arnold Classic would be interested in their services.

“We’re not here to bulk people up as much as to get them tone and in shape,” she said.

The majority of Circuit Wellness is occupied by 24 adjustable stations that alternate between strength, cardio and recovery activities and are used for 30 seconds each. Benson said the system is similar to Curves, but designed for both sexes and uses more advanced machines.

Found along the perimeter of the 2,000 square foot room are six stations hosting exergames. Some, like the Nintendo Wii and Dance Dance Revolution, are well known to the public. Others include XaviX, which uses controllers shaped like sports equipment, the Makoto Sports Arena, a game that improves hand-eye coordination by hitting three lighted targets, Lightspace Play Floor, a large electronic mat that features a wide-variety of foot-moving games, and a Playstation ATV racing game that’s connected to an exercise bike.

Benson said the games are unique not just to Westerville, but all of Ohio.

“We’re the only approved exergame center in Ohio,” Benson said.

Besides memberships, Benson said the space will also be available for classes, private rentals, corporate accounts and even birthday parties.

The idea to open an exercise facility came to Benson, she said, after seeing the obesity crisis firsthand. She used to work as an occupational therapist and her husband works in nutrition.

Benson said two-thirds of adults and one third of children in the United States are overweight. For the first time, children are not expected to outlive their parents.

Located in the shopping center anchored by Raisin Rack at the southeast corner of Schrock Road and Cleveland Avenue, Benson said the location is great because of its visibility along busy Cleveland Avenue just north of Interstate 270, and because the previous business in the space sold exercise equipment.

Competing against gyms that are much larger and significantly less expensive, Benson said clients will choose Circuit Wellness due to its unique services, personalized care, convenience and family-friendly environment.

“We’re not for everyone, but there’s a wide enough population out there that will appreciate our services,” she said.

Due to competition Benson said she could not disclose full details on rates but said memberships for children start at $25 a month and families of four for $99. A grand opening special includes no enrollment fees and a two-week, no-obligation free trial.

Opening a new business during the economic uncertainty is difficult, but Benson said she believes people will pay to stay healthy.

“It’s a little bit scary starting a business with the economy the way it is, but exercise is an investment in your future,” Benson said. “If you’re unhealthy you won’t be able to enjoy any economy.”

Circuit Wellness was launched in September 2008. President and CEO Polly Benson joined forces with her husband Brian, Exergame Fitness and friends, to create the Circuit Wellness fitness club concept. “There is a growing need for accessible, neighborhood, user-friendly fitness centers,” said Benson. “Partnering with Exergame Fitness who is known as the leader in the industry of Exergaming, on a new health club concept is a winning idea to help more Americans achieve their individual fitness goals.”

Tom Seilheimer VP of Exergame Fitness adds;
“Polly and Brian Benson’s hard work is very evident in their completed business model. From day one, they were focused on making a difference in the lives of kids in the central Ohio region. We were very pleased to work with Circuit Wellness on this amazing new facility that offers kids an alternative fitness solution while playing fitness based videogames. We have seen the success of many Exergaming facilities and this club houses some of the top products in the world that are fighting the raging epidemic of childhood obesity. Please stop in and see what this facility can offer your children, we guarantee it will make a difference in their lives”

The new Westerville Circuit Wellness location is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 8:30pm, Saturday from 8:00-2:00 for Circuit Workouts, and Saturday & Sunday, from 2:00 – 6 pm for birthday parties. For a tour of the fitness center, call 614-901-2348. For more information on the company, go to

For more information visit or call 614-901-BFIT.

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