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After the 2016 YMCA General Assembly, our first installation job was at a YMCA of all places, another lucky Y to invest in the world of exergaming! The Lansdale YMCA just had their Exergame room installed filled with tons of interactive fitness products. They had an awesome interactive climbing wall and some cardio pieces already present in the room, and with the addition of the exergaming equipment this room because another excellent YMCA youth fitness space.

While not a full Youth X room, The Lansdale YMCA received the following interactive fitness products:

The Exerbike systems The Lansdale YMCA had installed will be an excellent transition for many kids to get them engaged. Kids who may not be active or into sports yet may find a lot of use in these bikes – being able to warm up or be active in an easy to use and controlled machine. These bikes will allow up to 4 kids to play side by side together and compete against one another and with kids taking turns these 4 bikes can entertain large groups of children for extended periods of time.

Besides the sets of Exerbikes the Lansdale YMCA also has plenty of functional fitness exergaming equipment. The T-Wall 16 can be great the same way the Exerbikes can be, for kids that are not yet engaged, this can be too but also be used as a competitive reaction/cardio game. They then have the Waterrower VGS systems and Heavy Ball to assist in functional fitness movements and to build strength in kids.

DSC03136 DSC03134 DSC03142

As always we wish the best to the Lansdale YMCA and their youth fitness space. Now that they have interactive fitness in their facility, they will like every other YMCA that has received Exergame Fitness equipment, see a huge increase in visits/membership. Not only for their kids that will use the fitness area but the adults and parents that bring them there that will want/need to work out as well. We will follow up in a few weeks once the room has gotten some usage and we can report back on the great experiences!

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