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PS3 Eye Toy Package w/ Plasma TV/Roll Cart – [more information]
This package is great for Exergaming competitions playing various mini games on the PS3. The camera puts you in the game as you physically interact with the software!

Alpha Mats – [more information]
Text your name, compute math problems and up your cardio on this amazing Exerlearing pad. These high quality durable pads can get your gym or kids fitness class doing programs that stimulate learning and problem solving.

XaviX Power Boxing Package – [more information]
Put on the gloves, press play and knock out your digital opponents safely on the screen. Jackie Chan Power Boxing is fun, rewarding and addictive!

XaviX Tennis Package – [more information]
Grab the mini tennis racquets and play in team battle mode and watch the sweat drip. Xavix tennis is very popular with Schools, YMCA’s and Kid Zones.

Motivatrix – [more information]Finally an Exergaming product that has great graphics and can challenge users from ages 5 – adult. The Motivatrix mini games are unmatched in the industry and this really captures what Exergaming is all about. 2 thumbs up!!

Makoto Sports Arena – [more information]
What else can we say? This is one of our top performing products that kids love! Knock the lights out by yourself our team play. The Makoto is a product that has many health benefits for kids. Read more about it!

Traq 3D – [more information]The Traq 3D is a great Exergaming product that has amazing graphics and great for all ages. The Traq 3D was featured on Oprah® and ESPN®! Dodge, Lunge, Jump and train your body with fitness based results right on the screen.

Cybex Trazer – [more information]
Just like the Traq 3D the Trazer is engaging, used by doctors and developed for improving body movements and agility. Play soccer, jumping games, football lunging and more. Get data on your performance after you complete the game

Dance Dance Revolution – DDR – [more information]
DDR is a popular video dance & step craze that has been documented as a welcome solution to youth obesity. Users stomp, slide and compete to accurately match up step moves to arrows on the screen. Simple to use and easy on the budget!

Lightspace Play Wall – [more information]
The Lightspace Play Wall combines the latest in interactive technology with software controlled content that will provide hours of fun and exercise. The arcade cabinet makes it fun and a great way to light up your fitness area.

TWall – [more information]
Discover the unique concept of optimizing movement, fitness and reaction…Touch Wall. The rules for T-wall are simple but challenging: Knock the lights out & stay focused. Perfect for recovering Soldiers, ADD/HD kids, rehab and fitness centers.

Lightspace Play – [more information]
Lightspace Play is an interactive fitness floor that can get up to 8 kids at once playing. Play games like Bug Stop, Jump Rope, Simon Says, DDR, Musical Squares, Musical Instruments and more. Sounds, lights & pure interactive fun! A Must have!

TreadWall M4Base – [more information]
The Treadwall M4 Base is great for any sort of climbing activities. Great for fitness clubs, kid zones, YMCA’s, Schools and more. Based on a very easy weight setting the wall rotates and moves, letting the user get the health benefits.

Treadwall M4Pro – [more information]
The Treadwall M4 Pro can lean and tilt as you climb for speed or a continual endurance climb. This unit is popular with Park Districts since it can be installed virtually anywhere and the durability is solid. USA Made!

Ab Solo – [more information]
The Ab Solo is a Revolutionary new Ab Solo Core Intensive Training is a uniquely interactive, fun and effective system for people of all ages and abilities. Who knew shooting baskets and doing sit-ups were so much fun. Once you try it your hooked.

Traversing Wall – [more information]
This is a type of climbing that goes sideways instead of up. Another wall product great for anyone looking to save space. Kids love to climb and this is a perfect solution for getting active kids a full body workout by safely climbing sideways.

KidWall – [more information]
The KidWall is safe, simple & fun! KidWall lets kids climb at their own pace. Equipped with our patented Natural Pace technology, The KidWall moves only when the climber moves, keeping kids safe. Colored patterns are used for programming.

Panasonic Core Trainer – [more information]
The Panasonic Core Trainer® uses radically new counter-balance exercise technology, the Core Trainer engages the thigh, back, abdominal and other core muscles, for no-impact strength training with great core results. Build your core.

Hoggan Kids Sprint Circuit – [more information]
Based on a resistance dial simply set it and forget it. Nine multi-function training stations, provides an uncomplicated, safe and strain-free workout. It is perfectly suited for everyone; children, adults and the active aging. Ask us about it!

PaviPlay Flooring – [more information]
PaviPlay Flooring is easy To assemble and clean.The tiles fit together like a jigsaw. Assembly is so easy that a play surface can be constructed in no time. These tiles are actually resistant to bacteria. Great K-12 product that provides comfort and fun.

iJoy Board – [more information]
No matter the season, no matter the board sport, the motorized iJoy Board balance trainer keeps your legs fresh, toned and ready to carve the slopes, grind a rail or catch a wave. Just hop on, balance and play cool snowboard games.

Viper LT Rope Climber – [more information]
The Viper LT Rope Climber is a compact, light-weight rope-climbing exercise machine that offers a close simulation of rope-climbing exercise. Its an engaging product that offers a traditional approach to kids fitness. It feels just like rope climbing.

Kore Balance – [more information]
The all-new Korebalance will be used by top athletes for agility training, seniors who wish to continue their life enhancing activities such as golf and tennis, without the fear of falling, and training

Exerstation – [more information]
The Exerstation measures how hard you are pushing and pulling on the controller. Instead of just using your thumbs to play, our products let you use your entire body! Push the Exerstation and move your digital game. Isometrics at its finest.

TreadWall – [more information]
Why TreadWall? Simple. There is nothing to strap on, nothing to start up; staffing requirements are minimal. Let them climb away on this rotating wall. You never are more than a few feet from the ground. Safe and a great workout.

SoftPlay Zone – [more information]
What is Soft Play Zone? This is a dedicated toddler area featuring safe, durable and fun equipment. Products include: Balls, Logs, bouncers, obstacle coarse and more. Bright colors make them attractive and appealing to kids. Daycares Luv ’em!

Jacobs Ladder – [more information]
The Jacobs Ladder is a commercial cardio machine specifically designed for kids fitness, fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals. Its unique design places the user at a 40° angle in order to to burn calories while having fun

Jump Zone – [more information]
The Jump Zone is a fun and energetic way to achieve overall fitness. Jump your way to fun or angle the surface to play catch with safe medicine balls. Kids get a kick out of this product and love jumping. The railings make it super safe.

Recreational Games – [more information]
Choose one of our very popular commercial grade Recreation Products to provide hours of fun for kids & adults at your fitness area. These are a great add-on for any YMCA or fitness area. Air Hockey is always a top seller that kids love.

WaterRower – [more information]
Check out the WaterRower! How fast you go depends on how hard you row, which in turn depends on how intensively you work. A unique product that tones your entire body.

Tuff Stuff – [more information]
Another alternative to kids fitness equipment. Tuff Stuff is a great exciting way to get already active kids into another level of fitness. Get them used to traditional fitness and have fun working out.

Exerbike – Game Bike – [more information]
Exerbike provides a fun and engaging entertainment center by allowing the user to directly control your favorite video game played through a PlayStation2. The faster you pedal the faster you go. Pedal to Play various PS2 games.

LCD’s, Projectors & Plasma TV’s – [more information]
View our vast selection of LCD, Projector and Plasma TV’s that enhance the Exergame Fitness experience. All of these products are commercial grade and let your customers see the best possible image.

Game Cycle – [more information]
The GameCycle merges upper body exercise with the excitement and enjoyment of video games. The gaming challenge encourages exercise and will facilitate adherence to rehabilitation and exercise using the Nintendo GameCube. Kids really love it!

Dancetown – DDR – [more information]
Dancetown combines the fun of arcade games with the benefits of dance and physical exercise. Simple, clean and engaging controls. Use it with Seniors, kids, teens and competition players. Safety rails are great for balanced play.

Dreamflyer – [more information]
The Dreamflyer is an engineered product and works on a simple principle of mechanics pivot arrangement. The user, while sitting on the chair, balances her/his weight across the frame. Mostly used in hotels and Casinos. Very unique product.

Hoggan Airbounder – [more information]
Have some fun with the AirBounder! The Hoggan Sprint AirBounder provides a fun, safe and efficient whole-body exercise for adults of all ages, teenagers and children. Jump up and down hang on to the stability railing. Great for the legs.

Cobalt Flux Hand Dance Pro – [more information]
Enables students with a disability or injury to participate in the electronic dance experience along with the rest of the class! A natural extension of the dance game experience, this commercial-grade product offers a solution for special needs children.

3Kick – [more information]
3Kick a heavy duty commercial grade machine that will be loved by your youth population, kick boxers, instructors, trainers and more. Simply knock the light out and get a score. Kick & punch the soft padding and increase your reaction time.

Freedom Climber – [more information]
The Freedom Climber provides all the benefits of climbing without the risk of falling from a 30 ft. wall. Being non-motorized, it requires no electricity or batteries to operate. It extends out from your wall and rotates in a circle as you climb. Awesome!

Skywall – [more information]
The Skywall is our #1 reccomended climbing wall due to its 10 preset courses and motorized environment that allows the user to be challenged and tested. The Skywall angels back and forth making it easier for kids and harder on adults.

Phunzone Toddler Systems – [more information]
We offer the widest range of age-appropriate play structures to meet the diverse needs of child development facilities, family entertainment centers, pre-schools, special needs therapy and more. Its a human jungle gym for kids.

Xavix JMat – [more information]
Experience the ultimate interactive workout with Jackie Chan! Step up your cardio fitness with a trainer who knows all of the right moves. Kids Fitness made easy, fun and fit!

Gamercize Interactive Fun – [more information]
Combine video games and exercise for a fitness aspect to the latest technology. The smart alternative to playing computer games the lazy way. When exercise is too boring or there just isn’t the time, Gamercize is just the answer!

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