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Exergaming Meets Active Gaming in South Suburban Family Sport Center

KUSA – There are a lot of ways to burn calories. Ironing: 150 per hour. Washing the dog: up 240 per hour. However, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t involve scalding steam and wet dog smell, “Exergaming” could be your ticket.

Exergaming is a training technique used by the Avalanche, Nuggets and countless other pro teams. It basically combines video games and body movement. This workout tool isn’t just for the professionals; the Average Joe can now do it at Family Sports Center.

“People are really excited about something new,” says Amanda Doubet, the Recreation Coordinator at Family Sports Center. “Not many have something like this.”

The brand new Exergame Zone isn’t just for workout enthusiasts.

“We’ve seen a lot of multi-generational families working together, grandparents, aunts, nieces and nephews, ” says Amanda. “But really the most of the kids who are going to use the facility are going to be between ages 8-12”

The Exergame Zone offers a little something for everyone. Most importantly, it offers movement. Like the multi-colored Light Space Floor.

Video on the South Suburban Family Sports Center run by NBCs 9news in Colorado

“There are 8 different games you can play from 8 to 10 players, depending on how many people can fit on the floor.”

If hand-eye coordination is more your style, check out the Makoto 2. ..

“We are the only facility in Coloradoto have the Makoto 2,” explains Amanda. “It’s a speed and agility activity. A lot of professional sports teams use it as well.”

For those looking to get outdoors while staying indoors, there’s the Sky Wall.

“The Sky Wall is a climbing wall and treadmill merged together. Most of the kids who have enjoyed that have been around age six.”

In addition there are Xerbikes. Pedal fast or you’ll lose.

“You can do any racing game on there. You could have a motorcycle racing game or boat racing. How you pedal and steer the bike is how your vehicle goes on the TV.”

To top it off, there’s a big screen hooked up to the ever popular Rock Band game. Up to five people can enjoy this feature and get off the couch. The big screen can also serve other purposes.

“Our screen where Rock Band is used can have a laptop or DVD player hooked up to watch footage of games if you’re an athletics team,” says Amanda. “If a corporate group wants to come in and do a presentation in here we can do that as well.”

A facility for all ages, sports teams, corporate groups and private parties. Kind of makes you want to Dance Dance Revolution (they have those too)!

To learn how the South Suburban Family Sports Center changed the complete layout and design of the room into one of the best active gaming rooms in the country checkout our Smug Mug account.

For more information about the Exergame Zone, visit the South Suburban Family Sports Center website or check out this great flyer on everything you will see in the Exergame Zone!

If you would like help on how to bring Active Gaming and Exergame products to revolutionize your facility move on to the Exergame Fitness homepage, the leader in the Exergaming Industry.

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