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Fun meets fitness at new Kingsbury business

By Adam Jensen
With the touch of a button, a grid of multicolored LEDs on eFit & Sports’ Lightspace Play Floor comes to life. An electronic game of dodge ball is about to begin.

In the other corner of the room, an iDANCE system along the lines of Dance Dance Revolution allows up to four players at a time do their best “Dancing With The Stars” impression. One room over, a Makoto Arena — a triangle of 6-foot-tall towers that emit light and sound — sits ready to improve kids’ reaction times and fitness levels. The Exerbikes, stationary bikes that are used to control the PlayStation 3 games, are on the way.

EFit & Sports opened next to 7-Eleven on Kingsbury Grade March 16 and owner Carl Logrecco said the interest in exergaming — a combination of games and exercise — has been strong.

The business focuses on kids ages 5 to 17 and grew out of Logrecco’s previous work as a personal and professional coach in the San Diego area. He said doctors he was working with were asking him to develop a program for the overweight children they were seeing come into their offices.

The seven-year South Shore resident developed the business plan in 2011 after seeing some of the exergaming technology in action.

All of the programs available at the facility can be tailored to enhance a child’s strengths while also improving on their weaknesses, Logrecco said.

The 3,300-square-foot facility caters to anyone from kids looking for some additional activity to teenagers trying to advance in competitive sports.

“They’re able to connect and able to stay engaged for a long time,” Logrecco said. “Kids can do this every day and their passion goes up, not down.”

“Kids can stay for three hours, burn 300 to 400 calories and be laughing the entire time.”

EFit is also designed to help increase both physical and mental stamina, Logrecco said.

“They have to think about what they do, they have to strategize,” Logrecco said about kids’ involvement in eFit’s offerings. “You can do push-ups all day long, but you’re not going to tap your potential.”

Adults are also hoping to get in on the fun. The business’ batting cage is open to adults, as are family nights. Private parties are also available and the demand for adult classes has been high, Logrecco said.

Lake Tahoe Unified School District’s Physical Education Lead Seth Martin said he plans on checking out the new business in the next couple of weeks.

“I think active options for families and kids will be great for kids in the area and that, if done right, it could help fill the activity void some kids have away from school,” Martin said.

EFit is offering kids a free weeklong pass during the next 90 days. Monthlong memberships are on sale for $49.50, Logrecco said.

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